All-French IV

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 29th July 2016

  1. Confluence, ‘Arkham’
    From Arkham, original issue RCA VICTOR PL 37109 (1977)
  2. Jean Cohen-Solal, ‘Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac’
    From Captain Tarthopom, original issue CONNECTION CTN 69.569 (1973)
  3. Birgé / Gorgé, ‘Bolet Meuble’
    From Avant Toute, SOUFFLE CONTINU RECORDS FFL014 LP (2016)
  4. Philippe Besombes, ‘Hache 06’
    From Libra, original issue POLE RECORDS Pôle 0004 (1975)
  5. Jean-Pierre Alarcen, ‘Nationale 20’
    From Jean-Pierre Alarcen, original issue L’ESCARGOT ESC 371 (1978)
  6. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes, ‘Roc Alpin’
    From Paix, original issue PHILIPS 6325 019 (1972)
  7. Jac Berrocal, ‘La Nuit Est Au Courant’
    From La Nuit Est Au Courant, IN SITU IS 040 (1991)
  8. Colette Magny, ‘Répression’
    From Répression, original issue LE CHANT DU MONDE LDX 74476 (1972)
  9. Pierre Bastien, ‘Dos Soleares Par Ti’
    From Assemblage De Pièces Comeladiennes Du Plus Bel Effet, GAZUL RECORDS GA 8692 (2009)
  10. David Fenech, ‘Un Train Direct Pour Charenton’
    From Assemblage De Pièces, op cit.
  11. Alesia Cosmos, ‘Le Vol Du Bourbon’
    From Exclusivo!, original issue PLANETARIUM PLAN 01 (1983)
  12. Michel Chion, ‘Dies Irae’
    From Requiem, original issue INA GRM AM 689.05 (1978)
  13. François Tusques, ‘La Tour Saint-Jacques’
    From Free Jazz, original issue DISQUES MOULOUDJI EM 13507 S (1965)

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