Long Overdue Part 15

Here’s a 2013 item from Fritz Welch. Crumbs On A Dumpster was released by the infamous Chocolate Monk label. It’s Volume 5 in a series of releases called The Well Spliced Breath, of which seven volumes surfaced in all; other contributors included Gen Ken, Mat Krefting, Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, and Spoils & Relics. The plan was to showcase “sound-tape collage, text-sound, radiophonic horspiel-type muck”. Fritz Welch used to drum with American underground band Pee-Ess-Eye, now resides in Glasgow and sometimes surfaces as one half of With Lumps; recent releases he has inflicted on us have been impressive examples of difficult, ugly, mis-shapen noise.

What he does on Crumbs On A Dumpster may involve some serious tape mangling and malarkey with hardware that doesn’t bear thinking about…the sounds that emerge from the CDR are like nasty brown sludge pouring out of a culvert, or dead skin sloughing off the back of an unpleasant reptile. Human voices, through cut-ups, wrong speeds and backwards playback, become grotesque goblins muttering curses against the world. This chorus performs its dark murmurings in a lo-fi soup of non-musical, broken shards of nonsense, creating vague drones and percussion effects. The combined effect of all this is a surreal, indigestible nightmare of absurdity, affirmed by the ridiculous titles ‘The Triangulated Stumps’ and ‘Open The Door Doctor West!’. 30 minutes of unsettling creeping madness…60 copies were made.