Timegate 2011

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 7th October 2016

  1. Electric Moon, ‘Flaming Lake’
    From Flaming Lake, GERMANY SULATRON RECORDS ST CD-R 013 (2011)
  2. Broken Heart Collector, ‘Another Heart Bites The Dust’
    From Broken Heart Collector, GERMANY DISCORPORATE RECORDS DISREC18 (2011)
  3. Max Goldt, ‘Das Finst’re Aug’
    From L’Eglise Des Crocodiles, GERMANY GAGARIN RECORDS GR2024 LP 2011)
  4. Alexander Sigman, ‘Entartete Musik 2’
    From Nominal / Noumenal, USA CARRIER RECORDS CARRIER 014 CD (2011)
  5. Tyme. x Tujiko, ‘From A Spring’
  6. Daniel Melchior Und Das Menace, ‘Crow Radio #2’
    From Catbirds And Cardinals, USA NORTHERN SPY NSCD 011 (2011)
  7. Bonnie Barnett Group, ‘In Between Dreams’
    From In Between Dreams, USA PFMENTUM CD063 (2011)
  8. Witold Szalonek, ‘Medusa’s Dream Of Pegasus’
    From Medusa, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR 1010 CD (2011)
  9. Leo Kupper, ‘Parcours Pour Santur’
    From Digital Voices, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21060-2 CD (2012)
  10. Mia Zabelka, ‘Tenebrae’
    From M, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS mono045 CD (2011)
  11. Konrad Kraft, ‘Sculpture 04’
    From Temporary Audiosculptures And Artefacts, GERMANY AUF ABWEGEN aatp33 CD (2011)
  12. Aisha Orazbayeva, ‘5 Bagatelles from OUR’
    From Outside, UK NONCLASSICAL NONCLSS013 CD (2011)