A Prog-Rock Christmas

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 16th December 2016

  1. Stray, ‘Only What You Can Make It’
    From Stray, UK 1970
  2. Pinnacle, ‘Cyborg’
    From Assassin, UK 1974
  3. T.P. Smoke, ‘Dreams’
    From T.P. Smoke, 1970
  4. SBB, ‘Na Pierwszy Ogie?’
    From Nowy Horyzont, Poland 1975
  5. Master’s Apprenctices, ‘Melodies Of St. Kilda’
    From A Toast To Panama Red, UK 1971
  6. Yonin Bayashi, ‘Continental Laid Back Breakers’
    From Golden Picnics, Japan 1976
  7. Satin Whale, ‘Trace Of Sadness’
    From Lost Mankind, Germany 1975
  8. Talix, ‘Jecker Abschied’
    From Spuren, Germany 1971
  9. Web, ‘Ymphasomniac’
    From I Spider, UK 1970
  10. Museo Rosenbach, ‘Ai Di La’Del Bene E Dei Male’
    From Zarathustra, Italy 1973
  11. The Norman Haines Band, ‘Everything You See (Mr. Armageddon)’
    From Den Of Iniquity, UK 1971
  12. Wishbone Ash, ‘Pilgrim’
    From On Air, UK 1997 (Recorded in the 1970s)
  13. Sensation’s Fix, ‘Space Closure’
    From Fragments Of Light, Italy 1974
  14. Weidorje, ‘Booldemug’
    From Weidorje, France 1978
  15. Sweet Slag, ‘Milk Train’
    From Tracking With Close-Ups, UK 1971

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