From All The Broken Pieces

Quite nice jumble of pleasant sound by Solo Andata on their album In The Lens (12K 1086). The duo of Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco from Australia work with a combination of digital content and tangible objects; the former involves samples and recordings stored so long on their computers they had forgotten all about them, the latter involves barely-functioning musical instruments and microphones that don’t record very well. On paper, I like this rugged can-do approach that allows for much recycling and repurposing, and the arena in which they operate is genuinely open-ended, without borders. What disappoints is the overall tweeness of their sound; I read it as contemporary easy-listening, tasteful, inoffensive. It’s not far apart from the Federico Durand record (also released on 12K) with its vague associations of “rain-soaked memories”. From 15 June 2016.