USA avant / contemporary / 20th c.

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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 21st April 2017

  1. “Blue” Gene Tyranny, ‘Next Time Might Be Your Time’
    From Out Of The Blue, USA UNSEEN WORLDS UW01 CD (2007)
  2. Elodie Lauten:
    ‘Don Juan Enlightened’
    From The Death Of Don Juan, USA UNSEEN WORLDS UW04 CD (2008)
  3. Terry Riley & ARTE Quartett, ‘Uncle Jard Part 2’
    From Assassin Reverie, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80558-2 CD (2005)
  4. Alvin Curran, ‘Music Is Not Music’
    From Lost Marbles, USA TZADIK TZ 7097 CD (2004)
  5. Laurie Spiegel, ‘Appalachian Grove I’
  6. Megan Roberts, ‘I Could Sit Here All Day’
  7. Moondog:
    ‘Enough About Human Rights’
    ‘Rabbit Hop’
    ‘Dog Trot’
    From The Viking Of Sixth Avenue, UK HONEST JONS RECORDS HJRCD18 CD (2005)
  8. Charlie Morrow, ‘TOOT N BLINK Chicago’
    From Toot!, USA XI RECORDS 135 3 x CD (2011)
  9. Laurie Anderson, ‘Time To Go’
  10. Malcolm Goldstein, ‘Ishi /”man waxati” Soundings’
    From A Sounding Of Sources, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80676-2 CD (2008)

5, 6 and 9 from New Music for Electronic And Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music 1977, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80653-2 CD (2006)


  1. Thanks for the tip, Jeff. Also would include Peter Gordon’s Star Jaws, if I ever find a copy!

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