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The Sound Projector 24th issue
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Interviews with:

  • Miguel A. García: “I have accepted all my facets; the music can go anywhere, it can take any direction”
  • Sébastian Borgo: “I am utterly pessimistic as far as my vision of the world is concerned. Man will disappear in the near future, self destroying himself.”
  • Simon Whetham: “Boring is a completely subjective term anyway, isn’t it…I could quite easily be as bored watching someone playing guitar and pulling faces as someone frowning at a laptop”.
  • Philip Perkins: “Cage influenced everyone, me included, if only by seeming to give permission to do whatever we wanted”.

Contributions from Stuart Marshall, Jennifer Hor, Steve Pescott and Paul Khimasia Morgan

Numerous pages of record reviews, fully indexed, profusely illustrated throughout