The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 29th September 2017

  1. Eskaton, ‘Eskaton’
    From 4 Visions (recorded in 1978)
  2. Archaïa, ‘Le Festin Du Lion Vert’
    From Archaïa (1977)
  3. Zao, ‘Natura’
    From Kawana (1976)
  4. Pazop, ‘Bami, Lychee, Si’
    From Psychillis of a Lunatic Genius (recorded in 1973)
  5. Speed Limit, ‘Sleep Walker’
    From Speed Limit (1974)
  6. Ange, ‘Caricatures’
    From Caricatures (1972)
  7. Eskaton, ‘Simplicius’
    From Fiction (1983)
  8. Pascal Duffard, ‘Dieu Est Fou’
    From Dieu Est Fou (1976)
  9. Jean Pierre Alarcen, ‘Sambaba’
    From Jean Pierre Alarcen (1978)
  10. Magma, ‘”Iss” Lanseï Doïa’
    From 1001° Centigrades (1971)

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