Mostly French, mostly synth-prog

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 13th April 2018

  1. Aqsak Maboul, ‘Bo Diddley (Modern Lesson)’
    From Un Peu De L’Ame Des Bandits (1980)
  2. Zanov, ‘Lost Message’
    From In Course Of Time (1982)
  3. Pazop, ‘Lovelight’
    From Psychillis Of A Lunatic Genius (1972)
  4. Hydravion, ‘L’Hydravion d’argent’
    From Hydravion (1977)
  5. Richard Pinhas, ‘The Last Kings Of Thule Part 2’
    From Iceland (1979)
  6. Patrick Vlan, ‘Oreknock’
    From Bruits Et Temps Analogues (1976)
  7. Droids, ‘The Force Part 1’
    From So Young But So Cold (2004)
  8. Zanov, ‘Plenitude’
    From Moebius 256 301 (1977)
  9. Aqsak Maboul, ‘Rondo (Geistige Nacht)’
    From Un Peu De L’Ame Des Bandits (1980)
  10. Space Art, ‘Aquarella’
    From Space Art (1977)
  11. Tasavallan Presidentti, ‘Lambertland’
    From Lambertland (1972)
  12. Richard Pinhas, ‘Iceland’
    From Iceland (1979)
  13. Moving Gelatine Plates, ‘Cauchemar’
    From The World Of Genius Hans (1972)
  14. Adelbert von Deyen, ‘Timemachine’
    From Atmosphere (1980)

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