Inventory Of Fixed Assets

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20th April 2018

  1. Escupemetralla, ‘Hikuri Neirra’
    From Poison Of Dead Sun In Your Brain Slowly Fading, SPAIN NOVAK NVK043 CD (2017)
  2. CE François Couture, ‘Birds and Bees and Bears’
    From Miscommunication, CANADA CUCHABATA RECORDS CUCH-117 CD (2017)
  3. Denis Frajerman, ‘Rivières De La Nuit’
    From Rivières De La Nuit, FRANCE DOUZIÈME LUNE DL-001 CD (2017)
  4. Enrico Fiocco, ‘Methal’
    From L’Inventaire #3, FRANCE GMVL CD044 (2017)
  5. Raphael Vanoli, ‘Perrine’
    From Bibrax, PORTUGAL SHHPUMA SHH031CD CD (2017)
  6. Homogenized Terrestrials, ‘Gravity Is Laughing’
    From Suspension, USA AUBJECTS aujx 16 CD (2017)
  7. Alexander Sigman, ‘fcremap’dB (2016)(version 1)
    From fcremap (2014-2016), USA NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS CD + DVD (2017)
  8. While We Still Have Bodies, excerpt from USA NEITHER/NOR RECORDS n/n 009 CD (2017)
  9. João Camões / Jean-Luc Cappozzo / Jean-Marc Foussat, ‘L’Espace Qui Nous Sépare’
    From Autres Paysages, PORTUGAL CLEAN FEED CF456CD (2017)


  1. Thank you very much for including “fcremap’dB” on the broadcast! (You did indeed pronounce the name of the album and track correctly. 🙂 ) Intriguing, eclectic playlist.

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