Essential Ingredients

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 30th November 2018

  1. Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere, ‘Essential Light’
    From 04, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS70CD (2018)
  2. Daunik Lazro / Dominique Répécaud / Kristoff K. Roll / Géraldine Keller, ‘Un Grand Malheur’
    From Actions Soniques, FRANCE VAND’ŒUVRE 1850 CD (2018)
  3. Julia Reidy, ‘Immediately’
  4. Tajak, ‘Don’t Know Why’
    From Ciclos, PERU BUH RECORDS BR101 LP (2018)
  5. Tania Chen and Jon Leidecker, ‘Osaka 2’
    From Live In Japan, USA EH? AURAL REPOSITORY EH?102 CD (2018)
  6. Andrew Raffo Dewar / John Hughes / Chad Popple, ‘Improvisation 1’
    From Reflejo, USA PFMENTUM PFMC122 (2018)
  7. Xavier Charles / Jacques Di Donato, ‘Clarinettes Sous Les Pales’
    From Ilex, FRANCE PROTAGONISTE PROTA1801 CD (2018)
  8. Andrea Neumann / Mads Emil Nielsen, ‘7’
    From Refound, DENMARK ARBITRARY arbitrary09 10″ LP (2018)
  9. Rudolf, ‘Auslöschung – Fontaneller Auswurf’
    From Om Kult : Ritual Practice Of Conscious Dying – Vol. I, SCHIMPFLUCH ASSOCIATES SHA 03 CD (2018)
  10. Francisco López, ‘Movement 1’
    From Untitled#360, GERMANY EMITTER MICRO EM010 CD (2018)
  11. Joel Cahen, ‘Fume Noir’
    From Aquadelique, UK ADAADAT ADA0055 CD (2018)
  12. Justina Repeckaite, ‘Tapisserie’
    From Zoom In 12: New Art Music From Lithuania, MUSIC INFORMATION CENTRE LITHUANIA MICL CD100 (2018)
  13. Bill Brovold with Rhys Chatham, (Track 03)
    From Bill Brovold’s Stone Soup, USA PUBLIC EYESORE 141 CD (2018)
  14. Eisuke Yanagisawa, ‘Old Camellia Tree’
    From Path Of The Wind, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER Gruen 182 CD (2018)
  15. Catherine Christer Hennix, ‘Equal Temperament Fender Mix’
    From Selected Early Keyboard Works, GERMANY EMPTY EDITIONS EE005 / BLANK FORMS EDITIONS BF002 2 x LP (2018)