Astral Studies

The Kvitnu label have sent us some pretty “aggressive” instances of dark electronica techno attack-mode music lately, so their latest release by Voin Oruwu is something of a departure from that trend. Etudes From A Starship (KVITNU 63) is closer to melodic ambient genres with its short, relaxing and faintly dreamy tunes, plus it’s got a cosmic space-travel theme very much in line with Oruwu’s 2018 double-LP release, Big Space Adventure. Moody and atmospheric, Etudes isn’t especially adventurous or experimental. Unfortunately Voin Oruwu can’t seem to compose a piece with any clear ideas about structure or direction, and doesn’t do much more than tweak his keyboard sounds using various distortion and filter techniques, in a rather uncertain fashion. Even so, the record leaves an impression of gentle and slightly eccentric musings on the theme, and the “wistful and emotional” vibe which we are invited to savour does appear to be something quite heartfelt and genuine on the part of its creator. This Ukranian fellow has also appeared under the aliases Koloah and Tropical Echobird. From 1st March 2019.