Synthetic Touches

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 13th March 2020

    1. It Dockumer Lokaeltsje:
      ‘Der Mussolini’
      From Alles Is Goed, NETHERLANDS MAKKUM RECORDS MR 28 CD (2020)
    2. Luc Dobereiner, ‘Kaneko’
      Miriam Akkermann, ‘Shadow’
      Lula Romero, ‘Mtrak’
      From Segmod, SWITZERLAND DUMPF EDITION #12 CD (2019)
    3. Perfect Vacuum:
      ‘Gold Features’
      From I Must Not Think Bleak Thoughts, NETHERLANDS BLOWPIPE BP125 LP (2019)
    4. Inaud1bl3, ‘9 10 100 SECHS + 80’
      From Zahlen Spiele EP, GERMANY GENERATE AND TEST gt54 CD (2019)
    5. Lazer Boy, ‘A Thousand Kim’
      From Lazer Boy 4, UK VANITY CASE RECORDS VC23 CD (2019)
    6. Inaud1bl3, ‘Nichaggro / Version’
      From Zahlen Spiele EP
    7. Tomaz Grom & Zlatko Kaucic:
      ‘Learning Lessons Of Memory’
      From The Ear Is The Shadow Of The Eye, SLOVENIA ZAVOD SPLOH ZASCD 020 (2019)
    8. Ashtray Navigations and Anla Courtis, ‘Part II’
      From Protozoic Rock Express, USA PUBLIC EYESORE 144 CD (2019)
    9. Jon Hassell and Farafina, ‘(Like) Warriors Everywhere [Courage]’
      From Flash Of The Spirit, GERMANY TAK:TIL / GLITTERBEAT GBCD 087 CD (2020)
    10. Ron Caines / Martin Archer AXIS, ‘Almazon / 1934 Reprise’
      From Dream Feathers, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS 88CD (2019)
    11. The British Space Group, excerpt from The Ley Of The Land, UK WYRD BRITAIN WYRD 1 CDR (2020)

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