Outsize Packages

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 17th April 2020

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  1. Kayaka, ‘Cinnura O Kimlor’
    From Estol Voice, RUSSIA OSTROGA OTR-022 CDR (2012)
  2. Vialka, ‘Transe Expresse’
    From A L’Abri Des Regards Indiscrets, FRANCE VIA-015 CD (2014)
  3. Liz Allbee, ‘Palsied Grace’
    From Quarry Tones, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT001 CD (2005)
  4. Star Turbine, ‘Outer Space’ (excerpt)
    From Inner Space / Outer Space, GERMANY ATTENUATION CIRCUIT ACC 1011 CDR (2013)
  5. MV Carbon, ‘Blind Irises’
    From Dislodged Perehelion, USA ECSTATIC PEACE! E#1106 LP (2011)
  6. Jed Speare, ‘White Strand’ (excerpt)
    From The Wounds Of Returning, IRELAND FARPOINT RECORDINGS fp054 CD (2015)
  7. Ian Douglas-Moore / Paul N. Roth, Track 02 (excerpt)
    From Untitled release, GERMANY EARWASH RECORDS 01 CDR (2015)
  8. Robbie Basho, ‘Camelot II’
    From Twilight Peaks, BELGIUM SMERALDINA-RIMA CD 20 (2012)
  9. Ralph Lundsten and Neurobash, ‘Prelude To The Future’
    From The Naked Moon And The Virgin Sun, SCANDINAVIA ANDROMEDA ACD 53 CD (2008)
  10. Moral Holiday, ‘No Forks’
    From Knurr & Spell, UK SMOKERS GIFTS #14 CDR (2013)