February in November

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 6th November 2020

  1. Konstruktives Liebeskommando, ‘Die Sterne sind schwanger’
  2. DDR Terrorstaat, ‘DDR Terrorstaat’
  3. L’Attentat, ‘Friedensstaat’
  4. Zerfall, ‘Blaue Möwen Song’
  5. Usssy, ‘Zarif 3000’
    From Po Krugu, USA KOOLARROW RECORDS KACA044 (2020)
  6. David Toop, ‘Tiny Human Figurines…’
    From Apparition Paintings, AUSTRALIA ROOM 40 RM4116 LP (2020)
  7. Hervé Perez / Alex Hegyesi, ‘Like Milk And Water’
    From Garden Of Secrets, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS97CD (2020)
  8. Nick Jonah Davis, ‘The Peacock Dance’
    From When The Sun Came, UK THREAD RECORDINGS THR007 LP (2020)
  9. Tony Oxley, ‘Chant Quartet’
    From February Papers, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS99CD (2020)
    Recorded in 1977.
  10. Staraya Derevnya, ”Chirik’ Is Heard From The Treetops
    From Inwards Opened The Floor, UK STARAYA DEREVNYA 06 CD (2020)
  11. Wet Ink Ensemble, ‘Smoke Airs’
  12. Cristián Alvear & Burkhard Stangl, ‘No 3’
    From Pequeños Fragmentos de Una Música Discreta, SWITZERLAND insub.rec.cd10 (2020)
  13. Arurmukha, ‘Schwarzer Montag’
    From 14·11·90 – Ein Akustisches Psychogramm, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR082 LP (2020)
  14. Hübsch / Martel / Zoubek, ‘Lektik’
    From IZE, SWITZERLAND INSUB.REC.cd08 (2020)
  15. New Hermitage, ‘In Amber’
    From Unearth, CANADA NO LABEL CD (2020)

1-4 from Too Much Future: Punkrock GDR 1980-1989, GERMANY EDITION IRON CURTAIN RADIO ICR01 2 x CD (2020)