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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 22nd January 2021

  1. Sunn Trio, ‘Tantric Feedback Resistor’
    From Electric Esoterica, USA TWENTY ONE EIGHTY TWO RECORDING COMPANY kHz-1003 LP (2020)
  2. Lucidvox, ‘Amok’
    From We Are Lucidvox, GERMANY GLITTER BEAT GBCD 099 (2020)
  3. Melmac.Hello, ‘Je Laisse Surgir’
    From La Cas Très Inquiétant De Ton Cri, FRANCE BISOU CD (2020)
  4. Geins’t Naït + L. Petitgand, ‘Pecno’
    From Like This Maybe Or This, FRANCE ICI D’AILLEURS / MIND TRAVELS MT012 CD (2020)
  5. Harmonious Thelonious, ‘Hoehlenmenschenmuziek’
    From Plong, GERMANY BUREAU B BB352 CD (2020)
  6. Tolouse Low Trax, ‘Jumping Dead Leafs’
    From Jumping Dead Leafs?, GERMANY BUREAU B BB346 CD (2020)
  7. ROD, ‘Tyleilemasz’
    From Poczuj Kaszebsczego Decha, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 217-2 CD (2020)
  8. Bipolar Explorer, ‘Anthem 5’
    From Deux Anges, USA SLUGG RECORDS 2 x CD (2020)
  9. Keith Berry, ‘Town Of Tomorrow’
    From Viable Systems 3, UK VSM THEORY VSM 006CD (2020)
  10. mHz, ‘y = sin(1/x)’
    From Function, USA IMPORTANT RECORDS (2020)
  11. Ulrich Troyer, ‘NOK 9 (Fennesz Remix)’
    From NOK 2020, AUSTRIA 4BIT PRODUCTIONS 4Bit-P009 CD (2020)
  12. Keith Tippett, (Track 06)
    From The Monk Watches The Eagle, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS 102CD (2020)
  13. Kim Giani and Quentin Rollet, ‘Pas Tant! Pas Tant! On a de la route après’
    From Mettent Une Ambiance De Malade!, FRANCE REQORDS REQ005 CD (2020)
  14. Coffee Faith / Mathias Preuss, ‘Pangkur’
    From Coffee Faith / Mathias Preuss, INDONESIA 10PM-27 CD (2020)