Fundraiser Mystery Show

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 5th February 2021

Fundraiser Special

  1. JoinedByWire, ‘Black Axis 2’
    From Black Axis 1-4, UK LF RECORDS lf008 CDR (2009)
  2. Pier, ‘Hollowed Jazz Out’
    From Apparently Liberatory Gestures, SPAIN FOR NOISE’S SAKE fNs033 CDR (2010)
  3. Brown Wing Overdrive, ‘Diamond Road’
    From L Phantasm, USA KAVE KAVITY KKR 004 CDR (2010)
  4. dsic, ‘Colon Cleanes’
    From P45, UK LF RECORDS lf009 CDR (2009
  5. Sister Iodine, ‘Trope’
    From Flame Desastre, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO DEMEGO 009 CD (2009)
  6. The Pickle Factory, ‘Free Thinker’
    From Our Anthems, USA LESSONS ABOUT HISTORY LAH 002 CDR (2010)
  7. Wicked Rot, ‘Cast and Burn’
    From The Rotten Flute, SPAIN FOR NOISE’S SAKE fNs032 CDR (2010)
  8. ZU, ‘Aftermath’
    From The Way Of The Animal Powers, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG020 LP (2010)
  9. Cooloola Monster, ‘Mullach Mor’
    From Tam ‘O’ Shanter, NORWAY AMBOLTHUE RECORDS AMBOLT-76 CDR (2010)
  10. Emmanuel Mailly, ‘2012_6’
    From La Dynastie Des Polygones, FRANCE SELF-RELEASED CD (2012)
  11. Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, ‘Stockhausen Syndrome’
    From Potentials, USA WEST PALM BEOTCH RECORDS WPBR008 CDR (2009)
  12. Plonk Moist, ‘Bupokow’
    From Plonk Moist, SPAIN FOR NOISE’S SAKE fNs024 CDR (2010)
  13. The Lickets, ‘Constellation Umbrella’
    From Her Name Came On Arrows, USA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION CD (2009)
  14. The Truth About Frank, ‘War Enabled At 3 Kom Como’
    From Neon Fractured Night, GERMANY WEIRD AND WIRED 027 CDR (2009)
  15. Ural Umbo, ‘Deeply Afflicted’
    From Latent Defects, USA UTECH RECORDS UR043 CD (2010)
  16. Annalogue, ‘Brocken Symmetry’
    From Brocken Spectre, UK ATOL 006 LP (2009)
  17. diatribes & barry guy, ‘le poids des humeurs’
    From Multitude, SWITZERLAND CAVE12 c12 o 01 CD (2010)
  18. Elektronavn Sacred Songbook, ‘A Prisoner In A Stonehut’
    From Letters From Emptiness, DENMARK EMPTY SOUNDS REC. ESR 012 CD (2010)
  19. Horacio Pollard, ‘Naked Friend’
    From Acorn Bath, NORWAY TWILIGHT LUGGAGE TLMP26 CDR (2010)
  20. Qing Cia, ‘The Tale of A Woman’s Horse’
    From Rural Sound Animation II, GERMANY NEIGH PERCENT MUSIC N%027 CDR (2010)