A Second Fundraiser Special

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 12th February 2021

A second Fundraiser Special

  1. Christian Marclay, ‘New York, September 17, 2000’ (with Erikm and DJ Olive)
    From djTRIO, USA ASPHODEL ASP2023 CD (2004)
  2. Cousins of Reggae, ‘Gongg’
    From Disuelvos Ensangrentados, Inhalantes Perdidos, SPAIN FOR NOISES’S SAKE fNs015 CDR (2010)
  3. Gen Ken Montgomery, ‘Choose One’ (with Stefan Tischler)
    From Sound Works 1981-2000 (unreleased)
    Original release Gen Ken Collaborations cassette (1982)
  4. Marlon Cherry, ‘Awaken’
    From Life After Theatre / Pete, USA OSR TAPES OSR73 CDR (2016)
    Recorded in 1986.
  5. Zach Phillips, ‘Swarovsky’
    From How To Slip Away, USA OSR TAPES CD (2017)
  6. Hartley C. White, ‘The Checklist’
    From Something Better, USA OSR TAPES OSR77 CD (2016)
  7. Peach Pit, ‘Vertigo’
    From Supernova 2, AUSTRIA INTERSTELLAR RECORDS INT008 CDR (2009)
  8. Cut Iowa Network, ‘Propulsion System Left Us for Dead’
    From Projector Gunship Held {0, {0}}, UK CHAMPION VERSION CV201006.01 CD (2010)
  9. Franck Vigroux, ‘Judas’
    From Camera Police, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES dac302 CD (2010)
  10. Bongoleeros, ‘Demagnetise Your Brain’
    From Remedial Ecstasy, UK NO LABEL CDR (2003)
  11. Walter Gross, ‘Chop-Chop pt. I’
    From The Death Of A Samplesman, NO LABEL CDR (2009)
  12. Wretched Worst, ‘A Cunt I Ate / A Cunt I Hate’
    From Frozen In Vomit, SPAIN FOR NOISE’S SAKE fNs020 CDR (2010)
  13. C-Schulz & Hajsch, ‘7’
    From C-Schulz & Hajsch, GERMANY SONIG 13CD CD (2000)
  14. Zoo, ‘Kelana’
    From Trilogi Peradaban, AUSTRALIA DUAL PLOVER AB2194VN CD (2010)
  15. Skjolbrot, ‘I Am Better Now’
    From Maersk, UK CHILDREN OF JERMYN 001 CDR (2010)
  16. Themays, ‘S X X X I S I S I’
    From KnowFi, USA GIGANTE SOUND GIGA019 CDR (2010)
  17. Vernon & Burns, ‘The Piccadilly Weepers’
    From The Tune The Old Cow Died Of, GERMANY GAGARIN RECORDS GR 2012 LP (2005)
  18. Paper Factory, ‘Die Stahltreppe Hinauf’
    From Schlachtfest-Session I, GERMANY KLANGBAD CD (2005)