Rising Tides

The Sound Projector Radio SHow
Friday 26th February 2021

  1. Bruckmann / Djill / Heule / Nishi-Smith, ‘Sustroon’
    From Brittle Feebling, USA HUMBLER 006 CD (2020)
  2. Lumpeks, ‘Chevalement’
  3. Fråhr, ‘Europapark’
    From Course(s) Contre L’Enfer, FRANCE DECIMATION SOCIALE DSCDFRAHR CD (2020)
  4. Mike Cooper, ‘The Drowned World (Jalan Batu After Rain)’
    From Playing With Water, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM4117 LP (2020)
  5. Sir David Attenborough speaks on Climate and Security (address to the UN Security Council 23rd Feb 2021)
  6. Thanos Chrysakis, ‘Coral Aether’
    From Elytra, GERMANY AUF ABWEGEN aatp82 CD (2020)
  7. Steve Dalachinsky and RG Rough, ‘Blues in F Sharp’
    From The Lunatic Fringe, FRANCE BAM BALAM RECORDS BBCD 078 CD (2020)
  8. Summer of Seventeen, ‘Spirits Of Redeemer’
    From Summer of Seventeen, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR081 LP (2020)
  9. Wolfgang Mötz, ‘Canto del Cosmonauta’
    From 20_20, GERMANY EDITION DEGEM ed09 CD (2020)
  10. Euphotic, ‘Bristlemouth’
    From Isopleths, USA PUBLIC EYESORE 146 CD (2020)
  11. Martin Küchen, ‘Det Försvunnas Namn’
    From Det Försvunnas Namn, SWEDEN THANATOSIS PRODUKTION THTLP3 LP (2020)
  12. O Yuki Conjugate, ‘Beyond Control 4’
    From Sleepwalker, GERMANY AUF ABWEGEN aatp69 CD (2020)
  13. David Toop, ‘She fell asleep somewhere outside the world’
    From Apparition Paintings, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM4116 LP (2020)
  14. Strom / Morts, ‘Coronal Mass Ejectoin’
    From Coronal Mass, GERMANY MIDIRA RECORDS MIDIRA 086 2 x CD (2020)

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