USA New Wave and No Wave

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 9th July 2021

  1. B People, ‘Give Up’
  2. James Chance & The Contortions, ‘My Infatuation’
  3. The Pin Group, ‘Columbia’
  4. Chrome, ‘Eyes On Mars’
  5. MX-80 Sound, ‘Man on the Move’
  6. Radio Free Europe, ‘Occupation Of France’
  7. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, ‘The Closet’
  8. Mars, ‘Tunnel’
  9. The Dictators, ‘The Moronic Inferno’
  10. Theoretical Girls, ‘Europe Man’
  11. Mars, ‘Helen Forsdale’
  12. X, ‘Nausea’
  13. Chrome, ‘Mondo Anthem’
  14. Vertical Slit, ‘Metal Or Meat’
  15. Mars, ‘Puerto Rican Ghost’
  16. Chemicals Made From Dirt, ‘Chemicals made from dirt’
  17. Radio Free Europe, ‘Alien Day (Houston)’
  18. Cardboards, ‘On the R?TZ’
  19. Devo, ‘Come Back Jonee’
  20. MX-80 Sound, ‘Facts Facts’
  21. The B-52’s, ‘Give Me Back My Man’
  22. Attack Under Attack, ‘Operating Instructions’
  23. The Dictators, ‘Master Race Rock (instrumental)’
  24. Chemicals Made From Dirt, ‘Fast ocean puppet’
  25. D.N.A., ‘Marshall’
  26. Mars, ‘A-3E’