Shot From Both Sides

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 16th July 2021

  1. MKM, ‘Don’t Eat’
    From Banaglore, RUSSIA MIKROTON RECORDINGS mikroton 92 LP (2021)
  2. Stefan Römer, ‘Deconstructivist Sound For Conrad Schnitzler’
    From Decon Sound – Deconceptualize 1, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS core 019 LP (2020)
  3. David Granström, ‘Aeon’
    From Empty Room, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG2102 LP (2021)
  4. Merope, ‘Bitinelis’
    From Salos, BELGIUM STROOM STRLP-051 / GRANVAT gran21 LP (2021)
  5. Stefan Römer, ‘Drone 5’
    From Six Gun Shots – Deconceptualize 2, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS core 020 LP (2021)
  6. Periferiya, ‘TDO’
    From Boundary Scan, RUSSIA MIKROTON RECORDINGS mikroton 93 2 x LP (2021)
  7. Julius Eastman, excerpt from Femenine, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR501 CD (2021)

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