Segway To Heaven

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 24th September 2021

  1. Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra, ‘Tango For Band’
    From Degrees Of Freedom Found, USA UNSEEN WORLDS UW035CD (2021)
  2. Laurent Saïet & Guests, ‘The First Wave’
    From After The Wave, FRANCE TRACE LABEL trAce 056 CD (2021)
  3. Marc Sarrazy and Laurent Rochelle, ‘Calcutta Western’
    From Cyclotimic Songs, FRANCE LES DISQUES LINOLEUM LIN024 CD (2021)
  4. Martin Archer, Charlotte Keeffe, Martin Pyne, ‘Dolly Grip’
    From Hi Res Heart, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS 108CD (2021)
  5. Pamela Z, ‘Site Four (From Occupy)’
    From A Secret Code, USA NEUMA RECORDS 143 CD (2021)
  6. “Blue” Gene Tyranny, ‘Time Transposing Pianist (A Letter From Home, Vertical version)’
    From Degrees Of Freedom Found, op. cit.
  7. Tonic Train, ‘Mount Britzl’
    From Continuous Interruptions, POLAND ANTENNA NON GRATA ANG CD 11/2021 (2021)
  8. Joakim Forsgren / Andreas Hiroui Larsson, ‘Yin-Yang’
    From Vending Machine, SWEDEN THANATOSIS PRODUKTION THTCD7 (2021)
  9. Philip Blackburn (with Ryland Angel), ‘Out Beyond’
    From Justinian Intonations, USA NEUMA RECORDS 127 CD (2021)
  10. Axel Dörner and Richard Scott, excerpt from A Journal Of Elasticity, GERMANY BOHEMIAN DRIPS BD014 LP (2021)