The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 3rd December 2021

  1. Zoku Metsu, ‘Epistemorphobia’
    From Zoku Metsu, ALREALON MUSIQUE ALRN108 LP (2021)
  2. Alex Ward, ‘Let’
    From Gated, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS 114CD (2021)
  3. Fergus Kelly, ‘Slate Austere’
    From Plate Spinning, IRELAND ROOM TEMPERATURE RTCD 18 CD (2021)
  4. Bernard Parmegiani, ‘Stries’
    Played by Broeckaert / Berweck / Lorenz
    From Stries, USA MODE 328 CD (2021)
  5. Hiroaki Maki, ‘Introvert’
  6. Klaus Lang / Konus Quartet, ‘Part 2’
    From Drei Allmenden, SWITZERLAND CUBUS RECORDS CR376 CD (2021)
  7. Paolo Ielasi, ‘untitled’ (Track 06)
    From Why Are You Talking So Loud?, POLAND SUBLIME RETREAT SR003 CD (2020)
  8. Mat Maneri & Kalle Moberg, ‘Furtive Song’
    From Wordless Voices, NORWAY KAMO RECORDS KAMO004CD CD (2021)
  9. Mahler Haze, ‘Het Speelbos’
    From Riverine, POLAND SUBLIME RETREAT SR004 CD (2020)

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