Rotary Rogues 2022

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 8th April 2022

Music from Cassette Tapes

  1. Swissair, ‘5’25’
  2. Swissair, ‘The Fourth Rhythm’
    From Viimeinen Kutsu 1982, FINLAND RUTON MUSIC RUT-019 CASS (2017)
  3. Zach Phillips with Calvin Grad, ‘If You Are In Trouble’
    From Headlight, BELGIUM SANTÉ LOISIRS SL10 CASS (2017)
  4. Taming Power, ‘26-8-99/4-7-00 VI’
    From Selections for Fort Evil Fruit, IRELAND FORT EVIL FRUIT FEF63 CASS (2017)
  5. Cookie Tongue, ‘Rubber Hard Thumb’
    From Orphan Arms, USA EH? AURAL REPOSITORY EH?101 CASS (2018)
  6. IMF, excerpt from Side A
    From Harlem Electronics, USA PILGRIM TALK PT34 CASS (2016)
  7. Horacio Pollard, excerpt from Performance Appraisal, NORWAY DRID MACHINE RECORDS DMR26 CASS (2017)
  8. Sindre Bjerga, ‘Flicker and Burst’ (excerpt)
    From Attractive Amplification, ITALY TUTORE BURLATO #06 CASS (2015)
  9. Anton Nikkilä, excerpt from New Constructivist Moment, FUNLAND RUTON MUSIC RUT-021 CASS (2017)
  10. DR:WR, ‘Loft Music’
    From Sci-Fi Morality Play, UK SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER LABEL sok070 CASS (2017)
  11. Fergus Kelly, ‘Debris Field Part 2’
    From Shot To Shreds, IRELAND FARPOINT RECORDINGS fp047 CASS (2016)
  12. Final Seed or Dylan Nyoukis, excerpt from Split Cassette, ITALY TUTORE BURLATO #08 CASS (2016)
  13. The Elks, ‘Konfrontationen – Nickelsdorf #1′ (excerpt)
    From Bat English, GERMANY NO LABEL CASS (2017)