Electro Resonance

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 1st July 2022

  1. Anthropods, ‘Messy To Me’
    From Anthropods, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS117CD (2021)
  2. Bipolar Explorer, ‘In Between Hours’
    From Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams, USA SLUGG RECORDS CD (2021)
  3. William Wilding, ‘Meal’
    From Wilding and the the Golden Hammer, UK MECHANICALLY RECLAIMED MUSIC CD (2022)
  4. Luigi Archetti, ‘Lava Part 2’
    From Lava, SWITZERLAND KARLUK 001 CD (2021)
  5. Staffan Bråsjö, ‘Archaeopteryx’
    From Stratosfär, SWEDEN SB01 CD (2022)
  6. Nick Robinson, ‘Lebensfaltung’
    From Lost Garden, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS126CD (2022)
  7. Jane Rigler-Curtis Bahn-Thomas Ciufo, ‘Listening’
    From ElectroResonance, USA NEUMA RECORDS Neuma 152 CD (2022)
  8. Wilding and Unwilding, ‘A Bit of a Lie Down’
    From Hard Noise To Scumbag, UK MECHANICALLY RECLAIMED MUSIC CD (2020)
  9. Martin Daigle, ‘Mobile’
    From Mossy Cobblestone, CANADA NO LABEL CD (2021)
  10. Liz Allbee, ‘Tectonic Foundations’
    From Rille, USA RELATIVE PITCH RECORDS RPR1124 CD (2021)
  11. Karm, ‘Track 04’
    From Kram, CZECH REPUBLIC MA RECORDS M15 CD (2022)
  12. Tetuzi Akiyama & Michel Henritzi, ‘Byakuya’
    From Shinjuku No Shadows, FRANCE DYIN’ GHOST RECORDS CD (2022)