TSP 18 front cover

The Green Man whistles as
he drinks your blood

Invasive workers drill metal holes in your very acoustical ribcage

Doorways click open with provision of a digital passkey

Thusly is structured
The Sound Projector’s 18th Issue
Published November 2009
180 pages
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Interviews with:



“I know just enough to make me dangerous.”

The Units in the late 1980sScott Ryser / The Units

“Music is one of the few things that gives me hope that we are not a doomed species … and that we can do something together besides hunt like a pack of wolves.”

C Joynes away from the cliffC Joynes

“English folk music is full of great tunes, and it has the strangest songs I’ve heard. Songs seem to have a mystical intent where events are unfolding just as they should, for some pre-ordained and unavoidable reason, but the listener can’t grasp what that reason is.”


Other notable peaks this issue:

    English Wildlife

  • A new compilation album for download! The second in a series of unique TSP-branded internet-only music releases. Each issue of the magazine has a sticker with your download voucher. Visit the website link as indicated to download English Wildlife, a new compilation of UK underground music featuring Adam Lygo, Bela Emerson with John Wills, E.M.B., dsic, annalogue, Tea & Toast Band, Susan Matthews, 55 blues, Hari Hardman, Lanterns and Jupiterdogs. This offer only available to purchasers of TSP 18.
  • Vinyl Viands. “The six tracks, bearing evocative titles which seem to have been derived from common activities on the factory floor rather than the cloistered chambers of the music school, all blend seamlessly together to make an exciting and dynamic racket spread over both sides of this pulsating purple-vinyl pressing.” And another 12 pages in like manner…
  • Drawing by guido huebner

  • Tremendous visual art from three new contributors. guido huebner, who is also Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, provides numerous examples of dark and disturbing ‘insomniac drawings’. “In b/w they look rather fearfull without the cokurs? Changes a lot.” Andrew Hannah provides some unsettling collages. Also drawings from Zven Balslev, Danish artist, printmaker, LP cover artist and operator of the bizarre SMITTEKILDE record label; anla courtis, the Argentinean primitive-futurist; and Rik Rawling with some dazzling Luciferian linework.
  • RobotP_webversion

  • Unframed Recordings: read about these impressive marginal art-gallery releases with beautiful letterpress covers, plus a mini-interview with Gill Arno. “Perhaps we all share an understanding of music as a component of a larger sensorial universe lying behind the bare musical fact.”
  • Michel Henritzi has released many new records of his mournful guitar work. We heard them all. “Each performed note and sound, however grotesque it may be in shape, is uttered with deliberation and stands out starkly in a backdrop of near-vacancy.”
  • Balloon by Alan Courtis

  • Adam Lygo has been making surreal guitar noise records for over ten years. We heard some of them. “The music is completely abstract noise, but largely not too violent in tone; these tunes send you mad in other ways, cutting off the air supply to the brain, hammering down your resistance with insistent repeats.”
  • Book reviews: Jennifer Hor casts an eye over a new survey of Australian experimental music, while Harley Richardson dissects a book about members of The Fall and questions the meaning of radical politics in music made since the 1960s. “Look beyond the scope of this book to today’s emptied out politics, and we can see that this anti-democratic sentiment now informs much of public policy and what passes for radical thinking…”
  • psychedelicblob_webversion


The magazine whose pages glow
with hidden symbols!


Your Sound Projector team this ish:

Ed Pinsent, Jennifer Hor, Aaron Robertson, Richard Rees Jones, Rik Rawling and Harley Richardson.

And here’s a full alphabetical list of artists whose records you will find in the pages of The Sound Projector 18th. Regular readers of the blog will once again notice that some of these records have already been noted in our ‘new arrivals’ section throughout 2008 and 2009, but rest assured that the pages of the magazine contain completely new (and more detailed) reviews.

55Blues, 87 Central, A Middle Sex, Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., The Advisory Circle, AER, Ilyas Ahmed, Tetuzi Akiyama, Ala Muerte, Altar Of Flies, Altar of Plagues, Alva Noto, Maryanne Amacher, Oren Ambarchi, Angel, Anika, Animus, Anwech, Apse, Artificial Memory Trace, Astral Social Club, Astro Black, Atavist, Felicia Atkinson, ATOM TM, Ättestupa, Autopsia

Bad Statistics, Derek Bailey, Aidan Baker, Bardoseneticcube, Baseline, Sean Baxter, Mick Beck, John Berndt, Tony Bevan, Black Boned Angel, Black Flowers, Black Lodge Ensemble, Black To Comm, Mark Blitzstein, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Ursula Bogner, Bernard Bonnier, Borg, Ned Bouhalassa, Matthew Bourne, Johann Bourquenez, BRAAZ, Martin Brandlmayr, Broken Arm Trio, Brown Wing Overdrive, Bronnt Industries Kapital, Brown Sierra, David Brown, Burning Star Core, Barry Burns, Paul Burwell, John Butcher

Lucia Capece, Cardboard Sax, Chapters, Xavier Charles, Loren Chasse, Rhys Chatham, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Antoine Chessex, Circle of Ouroborus, CjC, Climax Golden Twins, Cobra//Group, Dennis Cooper, Stephen Cornford, Alan Courtis, Noah Creshevsky

Werner Dafeldecker, Darsombra, Das Syntetische Mischgewebe, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Deadwood, Del Sol String Quartet, Jacques Demierre, Diatribes, Arrington de Dionyso, Peter Doggett, Dredd Foole, Dried Up Corpse, dsic

E.M.B., Echtra, John Edwards, Bruce Eisenbeil, él-g, Embers, Emeralds, Bela Emerson, Empire Auriga, English Heretic, Lawrence English, Vincent Epplay, Ergo Phizmiz

Ferran Fages, Fall of the Grey-Winged One, JW Farquhar, Fauna, Fen, Christian Fennesz, Nestor Figueras, Flaskavsae, Food Brain, Forerunners, Chris Forsyth, Josephine Foster, Robin Fox, Joe Frawley, Reinhold Friedl, Erik Friedlander, Bruce Friedman

Bernhard Gál, Miguel A. Garcia, Richard Garet, Carlos Giffoni, Ginger Leigh, The Glass Bees, The Golden Sores, Good Noise Bad Noise, Grand Erector, Grasslung, Hildur Gudnadóttir, The Guilty C.

Keiji Haino, Tom Hamilton, Hans Grüsel’s Krankenkabinet, Harappian Night Recordings, Charles Hayward, Hear, Hearts Of Palm, Hecker, Tim Hecker, Michel Henritzi, Jean-Luc Hérelle, Paul Hession, Hobo Sonn, Hollowbody, Human Being, Human Greed

ibitsu, Idea Fire Company, If, Bwana, Ignatz, Masayuki Imanishi, Invisible Bees, Shin’ichi Isohata, ist

Jack Shirt, Garnett James, Jasper TX, Philip Jeck, The Joe Frawley Ensemble, Seth Josel, Josetxo Grieta, Nana April Jun, Junko, Jupiterdogs

Kacheltisch, Jason Kahn, Zbigniew Karkowski, Greg Kelley, Eli Keszler, Kikuri, Andrew King, Kinit Her, Andrey Kiritchencko, Jacob Kirkegaard, Kobi, Korperschwache, KRK, KTL

L’Acephale, Lanterns, Elodie Lauten, Lazarus Blackstar, Legendary Pink Dots, Thomas Lehn, Lemur, Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, Leverton Fox, Levitts, Light Shall Prevail, Liturgy, Locrian, Loosers, Francisco López, Adam Lygo

Pierre Yves Macé, Yoshio Machida, The Magic I.D., Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Male, Malkuth, Charles Matthews, McCloud, Dean McPhee, Menace Ruine, Daniel Menche, Sergio Merce, Merzbow, Meti Bhuvah, Ian Middleton, MIJ, Mikroknytes, Rob Millis, Tabata Mitsuru, Mogwai, Gen Ken Montgomery, Moon, Aaron Moore, MSBR, Muarena Helena, mudboy, Wolfgang Müller, Gordon Mumma, Brendan Murray, Music For One, Musica Elettronica Viva, Mute Socialite

Nadja, The Naked Future, Naked On The Vague, Takefumi Naoshima, Necro Deathmort, Nekrasov, Nekros Manteia, The New Blockaders, Carsten Nicolai, BJ Nilsen, Steve Noble, Nole Pastique, The North Sea, Michael Northam, Noteherder, Noveller, NTHnthsthSTH, Victor Nubla

O.S.T., Jim O’Rourke, Ocean Sounds, Masahiko Okura, Olekranon, The One Ensemble Orchestra, Orfeo 5, Fabio Orsi, Our Love Will Destroy The World, Owl Xounds

Daniel Padden, Charlemagne Palestine, Agnès Palier, Panopticon, Paranoid Foundation, Evan Parker, Anthony Pateras, PBK, People Like Us, Perlonex, Pål Asle Pettersen, Phantom Limb & Earth’s Hypnagogia, Phosphor, Pimmon, Richard Pinhas, Larry Polansky, Andrea Polli, Erica Pomerance, Gert-Jan Prins,
Procer Veneficus, Prurient, Pulse Emitter, Pyha

Richard Ramirez, Rapoon, Raxinasky, Rehab, Peter Rehberg, Rice Corpse, Arnaud Riviére, RMSonce, David Rosenboom, Sebastien Roux, Rozenhall, Ruby Ruby Ruby, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Russian Tsarlag

Safe, Satori, Scarcity Of Tanks, Marcus
Schmickler, Conrad Schnitzler, Tom James Scott, Sewer Election, Shelf Life, Matt Shoemaker, Dave Simpson, Sissy Spacek, Skozey Fetisch, The Skull Defekts, Skullflower, Alex Mein Smith, Snake Figures Arkestra, snd, Alan Sondheim, Starving Weirdos, Paddy Steer, Joel Stern, Stilluppsteya, Strotter Inst., Fredy Studer, Taku Sugimoto, Sujo, Uncle Woody Sullender, Sum Of R, Sun Ra, Ronnie Sundin, The Surly Bonds of Earth, Per Svensson

TANKJ, Tarab, Teho Teardo, Temperatures, Tenniscoats, Tetragrammaton, Terre Thaemlitz, Tibetan Red, ting ting jahe, TL0741, David Toop, Olivier Toulemonde, Towering Breaker, Trio Sowari, Toshiya Tsunoda

Unseen, Masayoshi Urabe, Urbsounds Collective

Mika Vainio, Velnias, Mark Vernon, Franck Vigroux, Violet, Vomir, Vopat

Yoshi Wada, Nancy Wallace, Zach Wallace, Wasteland Jazz Unit, John Watermann, Chris Watson, Weavels, Benjamin Wetherill, Simon Whetham, Wicked King Wicker, Wicked Witch, John Wiese, Alan Wilkinson, Julian Williams, Jana Winderen, Jozef Van Wissem, Wold, Wolves in the Throne Room, Wondrous Horse, World Sanguine Report

Xela, Xivic, XX Committee

Ed Yazijian, Amy Yoshida, Otomo Yoshihide, Mitsuhiro Yoshimura, Nate Young

Zanzibar Snails, Jason Zeh, Zeitkratzer, John Zorn

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