English Pastoral (TSP radio show 11/05/07)

With a tip of the Sound Projector trilby to David Thomas Pickett

  1. Virginia Astley, ‘Love’s a Lonely Place to Be’, UK WHY FI RECORDS WFIT001 12″ (1982)
  2. Richard Rodney Bennett, ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’
    From Far From the Madding Crowd, UK MGM SUPER 2315 033 LP (1967)
  3. Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, ‘Wind on Wind’ (fade) (1975)
    From Air Structures, bootleg CD
  4. Kevin Ayers, ‘There is Loving’
    From whatevershebringswesing, UK EMI HARVEST SHVL 800 LP (1972)
  5. The Albion Country Band, ‘Gallant Poacher’
    From Battle of the Field, UK ISLAND RECORDS HELP 25 LP (1976)
  6. Pink Floyd, ‘Fat Old Sun’
    From Atom Heart Mother, UK EMI HARVEST SHVL 781 LP (1970)
  7. Virginia Astley, ‘Too Bright for Peacocks’
    Virginia Astley, ‘Summer of their Dreams’
    Virginia Astley, ‘When the fields were on fire’
    From From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, UK ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 58 / HAPPY VALLEY RECORDS Ha 001 LP (1983)
  8. Kate Bush, ‘Delius’
    From Never For Ever, UK EMI RECORDS EMA 794 LP (1980)
  9. Shirley Collins, ‘Down in Yon Forest’ (1967)
    From The Sweet Primeroses, UK TOPIC RECORDS TSCD 476 CD (1995)
  10. Jimmy Page, ‘Bron-Yr-Aur’ (1975)
    From Physical Graffiti (remaster), GERMANY WARNERS / SWAN SONG 7567-92442-2 2 x CD
  11. The Incredible String Band, ‘October Song’ (1966)
    From The Incredible String Band, GERMANY ELEKTRA / WARNERS 7559-61547-2 CD (1993)
  12. Genesis, ‘Stagnation’
    From Trespass, UK CHARISMA CAS 1020 LP (1970)
  13. Oliver, ‘Flowers on a Hill’ (1974)
    From Standing Stone, UK TENTH PLANET TP001 LP (1992)
  14. Percy Grainger, ‘In a Nutshell, II: Gay But Wistful’
    From In a Nutshell, UK EMI CLASSICS 7243 5 56412 2 9 CD (1997)
  15. Dancer, ‘America Wood’ (1972)
    From Tales of the Riverbank, UK KISSING SPELL KSCD 917 CD (2001)
  16. Julian Cope, ‘Metranil Vavin’
    From World Shut Your Mouth, UK MERCURY MERL 27 LP (1984)
  17. Ashley Hutchings, ‘Roasted Woman / Rigs of Marlow / Getting Upstairs’
    From Son of Morris On, UK EMI HARVEST HERITAGE SHSM 2012 LP (1976)
  18. Alfred Deller, ‘The Cuckoo’ (1955)
    From The Three Ravens, UK FONTANA TFL 6026 LP [1959]
  19. John Renbourn, ‘The Lady and the Unicorn’ (1970)
    From The Lady and the Unicorn, USA REPRISE RS 6407 LP (ND)
  20. Led Zeppelin, ‘Bron-Y-Aur Stomp’ (1970)
    From Led Zeppelin III (remaster), GERMANY WARNERS / ATLANTIC 7567-82678-2 CD
  21. Virginia Astley, ‘Tender’, UK ELEKTRA / WEA INTERNATIONAL EKR 21 T 12″ (1985)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM


  1. I’ve just come across this whole Sound Projector site while searching for some Krautrock – how utterly wonderful – the English pastoral show was marvellous – what a great selection.


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