Tymon Dogg (TSP radio show 18/05/07)

Special guest Tymon Dogg, live performance on air, with records and chat. Tymon played Spanish guitar, electric violin, and drone box, and of course sang. Many thanks to Tymon and our engineer Nina Kehagia.

Live songs were…

  1. ‘Oil’, which appears on the Guantanamo EP
  2. ‘Beyond This Frontier’, which first appeared on The Frugivores’ New Age Songs LP (1987)
  3. ‘Something To Prove’, from Relentless LP (1989)
  4. [Not yet identified]

The following records were played…

  1. The Quikening, ‘Guantanamo’
  2. The Quikening, ‘Cold Wind Blows’
    From Guantanamo, UK MAP MUSIC TDMM001 CDEP (2006)
  3. Tymon Dogg, ‘Lose This Skin’
  4. Tymon Dogg, ‘Legal Thief’
  5. Tymon Dogg, ‘Once You Know’
  6. Tymon Dogg, ‘Safeway People’
    From Battle Of Wills, UK Y RECORDS Y29 LP (1982)

This show is 60 minutes long (as opposed to our usual 90 minutes).

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

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  1. I think it’s terrific that you managed to get Tymon into your studio for a 1 hour special, and am very impressed with the on-air performances. The last song I am unfamiliar with – I hope it’ll appear on the upcoming album. Many thanks for doing this show!

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