Noise from Two Boxes (TSP radio 18/07/08)

  1. Black Meat, ‘Writer’s Block’
  2. Cotton Museum, ‘Untitled’
  3. Strotter Inst., ‘Treibjagd’
  4. C. Draheim, ‘Hidden Grotto’
  5. Teeth Collection, ‘1 Untitled Track’
  6. Verzerren vs Bubblegone, ‘vb2004_2’
  7. Skullcaster, ‘Bone Conduction’
  8. Mammal, ‘Acid Bath’
  9. Iovae, ‘Saturn Plunge’
  10. Gravity vs Antimatter, ‘Spaced Out’
  11. Hum of The Druid, ‘Antler Caught in Storm Drain’
  12. Electric Bear, ‘D.A.S.’
  13. Forbes Graham, ‘Day 4’
  14. Black Tent, ‘Tired of Being God, part 0’
  15. Gerritt, ‘Untitled’
  16. Frankie and The S.E.M.M., ‘Slogslump’
  17. OP Rechts, ‘Passiv Negativ’

All odd numbers from V/A, Untitled, USA UNDERADAR UR 10 / PUBLIC GUILT PG 007 / EPICENE SOUND ESS010 / ESR050 3 x CD BOX (2007)

All even numbers from V/A, Mitten [State] Transmissions, USA TOP QUALITY ROCK & ROLL TQR&R 020 / WHFR.FM 4 x CD BOX (2006)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

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