Voice Box (TSP radio 01/08/08)

Show compiled by Philip Sanderson (spoken word elements) and Ed Pinsent (music selections), based on an idea by Philip Sanderson

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  1. Charles Kebbe, extract from The Harper’s Bazaar Success Formula for a Beautiful Speaking Voice: How to Acquire Poise and Self-Assurance with Simple Exercises for Voice Improvement, USA HARMONY COLUMBIA HL 7296, LP (1960?)
    Charles Dodge, extract from Cascando, USA CRI 454 LP (1983)
  2. Reg Butler, (Side B Track 1)
    From 5 British Sculptors talk, UK CAEDMON RECORDS TC1181 LP (1965)
    The New Blockaders, ‘Morden Tower 01/84’
    From Gesamtnichtswerk, UK HYPNAGOGIA TNB20 4 x CD (2003)
  3. Charlie Daniels, ‘Tuning Tips’ (Side A track 2)
    From Teach Yourself Rock Guitar, USA STALLION / BUSAR RECORDS BUSAR LP 243 (1975)
    Fred Frith, ‘What a Dilemma’ (1980)
    From Gravity, UK ReR MEGACORP / FRO 01 CD (2001)
  4. W B Yeats, ‘The Fiddler of Dooney’
    From Yeats & Auden, UK OPEN UNIVERSITY OU24 LP (1976)
    Maths Balance Volumes, ‘Elegy for Breeze von Goodyear’
    From Bound With Skin comp., USA SKULLS OF HEAVEN SKULL001 5 x CD (2007)
  5. Albert Chambers, ‘The Impossible Thing/Sermon’
    The Tony Williams Lifetime, ‘There Comes a Time’ (1971)
    From Spectrum: The Anthology, POLYGRAM 537 075-2 2 x CD (1997)
  6. Hywel Davies, ‘Dawn on the River’
    From The London Record, UK MARBLE ARCH MALS 1256 LP (1961)
    Popol Vuh, ‘Du Sohn Davids I’ (1975)
    From Das Hohelied Salomos, FRANCE SPALAX 14211 CD (1992)
  7. James Joyce, ‘Part 1 of Finnegans Wake’
    From Literature Poems & Prose, UK OPEN UNIVERSITY OU52 LP (1978)
    Paysage d’Hiver, ‘Moloch’
    From Schattengang, KUNSTHALL PRODUCTIONEN 016 CD (2006)
  8. Edward Heath, ‘Addressing the Party Conference’
    From Literature Poems & Prose, op cit.
    Paysage d’Hiver, ‘Atmosphaere’
    From Schattengang, op cit.
  9. ‘Phone in Conversation’
    From Literature Poems & Prose, op cit.
    Fennesz, ‘gr-500’
    From Hotel Parall.lel, AUSTRIA MEGO 016 CD (1999)
  10. Richard Baker, (Side 2)
    From Audio Past Present & Future, UK Audio Magazine Flexi 7″ (1970?)
  11. Ralph M Lewis, ‘Cosmic Consciousness’
    From Attaining Cosmic Consciousness, USA ROSICRUCIAN RECORDS 5 LP (ND)
    Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra, ‘Adventure-Equation’ (1963)
    From Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy, USA EVIDENCE ECD 22036-2 CD (1992)
  12. Johnny Morris, ‘Charlie & Gladys the Warthogs’ & ‘Lulu the Baby Seal’
    From Bedtime Stories, UK BBC RECORDS REC 264 LP (1977)
    If, Bwana, ‘Day 8: McKenna’s Brain’
    From Fire Chorus, ITALY ANTS AG09 CD (2004)
  13. Eileen Fowler, ‘Feeling Fine’
    From Keep Fit with Eileen Fowler, UK COLUMBIA DB 4613 7″ single (1961)
    Charles Dodge, extract from Cascando, CRI 454, LP (1983)
  14. Vincent Price, extracts from Vincent Price reads Shelley, (Side 1 & 2), UK CAEDMON TCE157 7″ EP (1960?)
    Wolfmangler, ‘Uneasy Autumn Moan’ + ‘In The East’
    From Cooking With Wolves, USA DIGITALIS ACE002 CD (2008)
  15. Yvonne Pooley, (Side 1)
    From Morse Code for Airmen, UK AIRTOURS PRODUCTS RYP 1 LP (1969)
    Åke Hodell, ‘Structures III (part 3)’
    From Verbal Brainwash, SWEDEN FYLKINGEN RECORDS FYCD 1018-1-2-3 (2000)
  16. Extract from How to give yourself a stereo check-out (Side 1), UK DECCA SKL 4861 LP (1967)
    Ryoji Ikeda, extracts from 0°C, UK TOUCH TO:38 CD (1998)
    Henry Blair, Sparky’s Magic Piano (Side 1), EAP 1-3003 7″ EP (1960?)
    Charles Dodge, extract from Cascando, CRI 454, LP (1983)
  17. Tony Hancock, extract from Little Pieces of Hancock, UK PYE NEP 24146 7″ EP (1960?)
    Bruce Gilbert, ‘OGKR’
    From Ab Ovo, UK MUTE CDSTUMM117 (1996)
  18. Francis Lai, Theme from Love Story (Finale), UNIVERSAL LP (1970)
    Philip Sanderson, incidental circuit bent music

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM


  1. Hey I thought this was a cracker!

    I particularly liked that it had a strong British feel.

    More please…

  2. oh and I’m off to get me a pair of high waisted flared orange corduroys.

    all the rage wot wot!

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