New Van Exposures (TSP radio 30/01/09)

  1. Zucanikan, ‘Penny Dance Test’
    From The Stumbling Block, UK PICKLED EGG EGG73 CD (2008)
  2. Hearts of Palm, ‘Lotus Motion’
    From Trance Nipple Manifestation, USA NO LABEL CDR (2008)
  3. Anthony Pateras / Robin Fox, ‘Whipped Silk’
    From End of Daze, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO DEMEGO 006 CD (2008)
  4. dsic, ‘Close Your Eyes (and you will burst into flame)’
    From Ambiences 1, UK LF RECORDS 007 CDR (2008)
  5. Black Flowers, ‘Polly on the Shore’
    From I Grew From a Stone to a Statue, UK BO’WEAVIL RECORDINGS WEAVIL 34CD (2008)
  6. Sum of R, ‘Requiem for a Liar’
    From Sum of R, USA UTECH RECORDS URCD025 (2008)
  7. Atom ™, (Track 12)
    From Liedgut, GERMANY RASTER-NOTON r-n99 CD (2009)
  8. Levitts, ‘Springtime’ (1968)
    From We Are The Levitts, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP 1095 CD (2008)
  9. Gen Ken Montgomery, ‘Don’t Bring Those Things – Excerpt’ (1986)
    From Drilling Holes in the Wall, RUSSIA MONOCHROME VISION mv17 CD (2007)
  10. The Guilty C and Tabata, ‘Shamrashamra’
    From The Guilty C and Tabata, JAPAN EVEN STILTE ES106 CD (2008)
  11. Ethan Rose, ‘Grand Marcher’
    From Oaks, FRANCE BASKARU KARU 14 CD (2009)
  12. Alva Noto, ‘Xerrox Teion Acat’
    From Xerrox Vol 2, GERMANY RASTER-NOTON R-N 103 CD (2008)
  13. Lars Myrvoll, ‘The Storm’
    From The Island, NORWAY SAFE AS MILK SAMCD011 CD (2008)
  14. Pierre Yves Macé, ‘Il principe e il Ranocchio, 1’
    From Passagenweg, FRANCE BROCOLI 004 CD (2008)
  15. Seth Josel, ‘Strum City I’
    From The Stroke That Kills, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80661-2 CD (2008)
  16. Zanzibar Snails, extract from ‘Om Isotope’
    From Vanadium Dream, USA PHANTOM LIMB RECORDINGS ARM 025 CDR (2008)