A fairly destructive batch (TSP radio 20/02/09)

  1. Our Love Will Destroy The World, ‘Stillborn Plague Angels’ (fade)
    From Stillborn Plague Angels, GERMANY DEKORDER 30 LP (2009)
  2. Naked on the Vague, ‘Lonely Boys’
    From The Blood Pressure Sessions, AUSTRALIA DUAL PLOVER UQU719 CD (2008)
  3. Franck Vigroux and Matthew Bourne, ‘Die Deume’
    From Call Me Madame (Good News from Wonderland), FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS D’AC 5002 CD (2009)
  4. Schlammpeitziger, ‘Prä-Digitaler’
    From The Risk of Burns Exist, AUSTRIA RHIZ RECORDS RHIZ#10 CD (2008)
  5. Strotter Inst., ‘#8’
  6. Superoscope, ‘Body Language’
    From Mechanism, USA MORSE CODE RECORDS NO NUMBER CD (2009)
  7. Olekranon, ‘Gaitan’
    From Gaitan, USA INAM RECORDS 29 CDR (2009)
  8. Tetragrammaton, ‘Queen of the Ships’ (fade)
    From Elegy for Native Tongues, JAPAN SUBVALENT SBV 001 2 x CD (2008)
  9. Rozenhall, (Track 2)
    From Forecusst, SWEDEN KNING DISK KD029 CD (2008)
  10. Dean McPhee, ‘Water Burial’
    From UK WORLD IN WINTER WIW006 7” SINGLE (2008)
  11. Jasper TX, ‘Not Leaving, Not Really’
    From Singing Stones, SWEDEN FANG BOMB FB010 CD (2009
  12. Phillip Jeck, ‘Plays Chris Matthews’
    From Amoroso, UK TOUCH SEVEN TS01 7” SINGLE (2008)
  13. Yoshio Machida, ‘Feb 24, 2002’
    From Steelpan Improvisations, JAPAN AMORFON YM091 CD (2009)
  14. 55 Blues, ‘Beige Pirate’
    From Doragons, UK NEIGH%MUSIC CDR (2009)
  15. Jim O’Rourke, ‘Despite The Water Supply part one’
    From UK TOUCH SEVEN TS07 7” SINGLE (2008)
  16. Nana April Jun, ‘The One Substance’
    From The Ontology of Noise, UK TOUCH TONE 37 CD (2008)
  17. Xela, ‘Gilted Rose’ (extract)
    From The Illuminated, GERMANY DEKORDER 031 LP (2009)
  18. Nestor Figueras / David Toop / Paul Burwell, extract from Cholagogues, USA SCHOOLMAP CD (2009)
    Original issue BEAD RECORDS 1977