Kosmische V (TSP radio 03/04/09)

  1. Can, ‘Fizz’ (1977)
    From Can Live, GERMANY SPOON CD42/43 2 x CD (1999)
  2. Satin Whale, ‘Seasons of Life’
    From Desert Places, original issue GERMANY BRAIN 1049 LP (1974)
  3. Abacus, ‘Cappucino’
    From Abacus, original issue GERMANY POLYDOR 237 1225 LP (1971)
  4. Amon Düül, ‘Shattering and Fading’ (1969)
    From Collapsing / Singvögel Ruckwarts & Co, JAPAN POLYDOR POCP-2400 CD (1995)
  5. Faust, ‘Not Nearest By’ (1972/1996)
    From Untitled, GERMANY KLANGBAD NO NUMBER CD (1996)
  6. Tangerine Dream, ‘Fly and Collision of Comas Sola’ (fade) (1971)
    From Alpha Centauri, UK CASTLE MUSIC ESM CD 346 CD (1996)
  7. Harmonia, ‘Dino’ (1974)
    From Harmonia, JAPAN POLYDOR POCP-2387 CD (1997)
  8. Gila, ‘Sundance Chant’
    From Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, original issue WARNERS WB 46234 LP (1973)
  9. Dzyan, ‘Electric Silence’
    From Electric Silence, original issue GERMANY BELLAPHON BLPS 19202 LP (1975)
  10. Golem, ‘Orion Awakes’ [1976]
    From Orion Awakes, UK PSI-FI PSCD00003
  11. Seeselberg, extract from side two of Synthetik 1, original issue GERMANY ST-S1 LP (1973)
  12. Haboob, ‘Morning Prayer’
    From Haboob, original issue GERMANY HOR ZÜ BLACK LABEL REP 34002 LP (1971)
  13. Aera, ‘Hodibbel’
    From Aera Humanum Est, original issue GERMANY ERLKÖNIG ERL 2001 LP (1975)
  14. Agitation Free, ‘Laila II’ (1974)
    From Last, FRANCE SPALAX 14229 CD (1992)

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  1. This podcast is another revelation: I explored my favourite genres in this incredible website and I always found unusual titles & new discoveries… this program starts in a prog vein with some minor German bands but soon goes into the friendly Kraut/Kosmische territory delivering excellent things & forgotten gems throughout: what a pleasure, Ed! Complimenti!
    Question: are the previous chapters still available (on request)?

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