Go To Sleep (TSP radio 17/04/09)

  1. This Heat, ‘Sleep’ (1981)
    From Deceit, UK THESE RECORDS THIS 2 CD (2001)
  2. Sleep, ‘Evil Gypsy / Solomon’s Theme’
    From Sleep’s Holy Mountain, UK EARACHE MOSH 79CD (1992)
  3. Ornette Coleman, ‘Sleep Talk’
    From Of Human Feelings, UK ANTILLES RECORDS AN-2001 LP (1982)
  4. Raymond Scott, ‘Sleepy Time’
    From Soothing Sounds for Baby Volume 1, HOLLAND BASTA 30-9064-2 CD
  5. Merzbow / Christoph Heemann, ‘Eagle’
    From Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of Abyss, GERMANY STREAMLINE 1003 CD (1993)
  6. Bongwater, ‘Too Much Sleep’
    From Too Much Sleep, SHIMMY DISC EUROPE SDE 9017 LP (1990)
  7. Number None, ‘Dream’
    From Ways of Sleepers, Ways of Wakers, USA REBIS 004 CD (2004)
  8. Suzanne Vega, ‘Stay Awake’
    From Stay Awake: Various interpretations of music from vintage Disney films, UK A&M AMA 3918 LP (1988)
  9. rsundin, Tracks 5, 6, 41 from Sleepwalk, USA GROUND FAULT GF014 CD (2001)
    rsundin, extract from Morphei, SWEDEN HÄPNA H.7 CD (2002)
  10. Climax Golden Twins, ‘Untitled’ (track 3)
    From Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds, JAPAN MEME 18 CD (2000)
  11. Pimmon, ‘Voice of Sleeping Bird’
    From Secret Sleeping Birds, PORTUGAL SIRR.ecords SIRR 2005 CD (2001)
  12. The Caretaker, (live mix from two sides)
    From Deleted Scenes / Forgotten Dreams, BELGIUM WE/ME LE DISQUE 009 2 x LP (2007)
  13. John Cale with Tony Conrad, ‘Dream Interpretation’ (fade) (1969)
    From Dream Interpretation, USA TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS TOE-CD-79 CD (2000)
  14. Dion McGregor, ‘The Collection’ (1964)
    From Dion McGregor Dreams Again, USA TZADIK TZ7404 CD (1999)
  15. Climax Golden Twins, ‘Untitled’ (track 5) (fade)
    From Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds, op cit.
  16. Elvis Costello, ‘Weird Nightmare’
    From Hal Willner Presents Weird Nightmare. Meditations on Mingus, USA COLUMBIA 472467 2 CD (1992)
  17. My Cat Is An Alien, ‘Into the Sleeping Beauty Galaxy’ (extract)
    From The Cosmological Eye Trilogy, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 072 CD (2005)
  18. Spirit, ‘Morning Will Come’ (1970)
    From Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicous, SONY MUSIC EPIC/LEGACY 505476 2 CD (2001)
  19. Essential Logic, ‘Wake Up’
    From UK VIRGIN RECORDS VS 261-12 12” SINGLE (1979)
  20. Frank Zappa, ‘Sleep Dirt’ (1979)
    From Sleep Dirt, UK ZAPPA RECORDS CDZAP 43 CD (1991)
  21. Dyad Yellow Swans, (Track 2)
    From Against Sleep and Nightmare, USA JYRK 019 CDR (2004)