Psychic Detritus (TSP radio 24/04/09)

With co-presenter Tim Abbott

  1. Andrew Howes, ‘Lube’
    From Carrion hors d’oeuvres, FRANCE COLIN JOHN RECORDS JOHNC0032 CD (2009)
  2. Benjamin Brunel, ‘Famous for Being Famous’
    From Famous for Being Famous, UK NO NUMBER CD (2008)
  3. Miimo, ‘Sora Ni Tsuretette’
    From Miimo 2, JAPAN AMORFON MIIMO2-2209 CD (2009)
  4. The Naked Future, ‘We Fly Beneath and Above The Flux’
    From Gigantomachia, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP 4053 CD (2009)
  5. snd, (Track 9)
    From atavism, GERMANY RASTER-NOTON r-n 107 CD (2009)
  6. Harappian Night Recordings, ‘Sarimanok’
    From The Glorious Gongs of Hainuwele, UK BO’WEAVIL RECORDINGS WEAVIL37CD (2009)
  7. Geese, ‘Kensington Terrace’
    From UK VANITY CASE VC-02 7″ SINGLE (2009)
  8. Ilyas Ahmed, ‘Earn Your Blood’
    From Goner, USA ROOTSTRATA RS30 CD (2009)
  9. John Watermann, ‘Did you see it?’ (1990)
    From Ram Slot, RUSSIA WAYSTYX 66 CD (2007)
  10. Dredd Foole and Ed Yazijian, ‘Overcome’
    From The Lonesome Road Between Hurt and Soul, UK BO’WEAVIL RECORDINGS WEAVIL36CD (2009)
  11. John Butcher, ‘New Scapa Flow’
    From Resonant Spaces, UK CONFRONT 17 CD (2009)
  12. Snake Figures Arkestra, extract from Cooks & Devils, GERMANY ZAREK 13 3″ CD (2008)
  13. orfeo5, ‘Beyond The Surf’
    From A Year on the Ice, UK THE WORD HOARD whcd003 CD (2009)
  14. Idea Fire Company, ‘Hydropeplynes’ (1999)
    From Live Archives Volume 1: WMVA, USA LESSONS ABOUT HISTORY LAH 001 CD (2009)

Some overlapping playback between 12 and 13.