The Droning Ones III (TSP radio 01/05/09)

  1. Organum, ‘Lamentations’
    From Veil of Tears, UK MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD24 CD (1994)
  2. Neil Campbell, ‘Monument Irvine’
    From These Premises Are No Longer Bugged, USA FUSETRON FUSE 021 / GIARDIA GRD 018 LP (1997)
  3. Rapoon, ‘Particle Dome’
    From Dark Rivers, USA LENS RECORDS LENS0102 CD (2009)
  4. Black To Comm, ‘Pill Drop Geisha’
    From Wir Können Leider Nicht Etwas Mehr Zu Tun…, GERMANY DEKORDER 019 2 x LP (2006)
  5. Angus Maclise, ‘Dreamweapon Benefit part 2’
    From Brain Damage in Oklahoma City, USA QUAKEBASKET / SILTBREEZE SB-81 CD (2000)
  6. Ian Middleton, ‘2.7.99’
    From 5 Pieces 1998-1999, USA ECLIPSE RECORDS 002 LP (2000)
  7. Reynols / Pauline Oliveros, ‘We Are Still Thinking About the Title?’
    From Pauline Oliveros in the Arms of Reynols, NETHERLANDS CREAM GARDENS CGR04 CD (2000)
  8. John Clyde-Evans, ‘Candlelight’
    From [For: ht/rp/j&s], UK FISHEYE OPTIC 1 LP (1999)
  9. Organum, ‘Horii’
    From Volume Two, USA ROBOT RECORDS RR-18 CD (2000)
  10. Idea Fire Company, ‘Magnetic Fields’
    From Anti-Natural, USA SWILL RADIO 018 LP (1999)
  11. Ken Ikeda, ‘Hydantol’
    From tzuki [Moon], UK TOUCH T33.17 CD (2000)
  12. Simon Wickham-Smith / Richard Youngs, ‘Quagmire’
    From Knish, IGNIVOMOUS RECORDS IG 07 LP (1996)
  13. Bill Wood / Fredrik Ness Sevendal, ‘The View From Here’
    From Song of Degrees, NORWAY HUMBUG 016 LP (2003)

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