Celebrate New Year with VOMIR

This pile of putrid vomit and vile spew arrived mid-December from Vomir, the French Harsh Noise Wall King, in a large envelope which I can’t help but think of as a Barf Bag. ‘Finally a pack full of the latest releases,’ he writes in the enclosed letter, anticipating my joyous reception of this jiffy-bag full of filth. ‘Of course everything is almost sold out…BUT most of it are split releases so you can discover new HNW names and labels.’ Practically everything you see in picture above (taken under yesterday afternoon’s gloomy lighting conditions) is also a very limited release, barely existing on tiny labels most of which are quite new to me. If you want to know what any of them sound like, just imagine being fed feet-first into a meat grinder. Not pleasant. Vomir’s brutalising no-prisoners approach to making noise refuses the niceties of anything remotely artistic or aesthetically pleasing, and is so primitive it makes Merzbow and Incapacitants look like world-class symphony composers. If his work can be said to be ‘about’ anything, it might be about the utter negation of self, as embodied in his current motto ‘ERODE SECLUDE YOUR SELF’ which is accompanied by an image of the artist with his head inside a black bag. It’s nice to know, I suppose, that he has found a few like-minded souls in the international CDR network who are able to support him and indeed find a niche audience for his very special blanked-out strain of oppressive and nihilistic din of death. Faint hearts forbidden!

  • Hommage au duc de Reschwig – 25 copies only on Monolithische Aktion (mn005).
  • Vomir / Ptomain – split CDR in a large cover with a poster insert and a health warning. 37 copies only on Hellville Records (HVR019). Mail to [email protected]
  • Vomir / Flesh Coffin – split CDR in large cover with a sticker (and a barcode, surprisingly). 50 copies only on Twilight Luggage (TLCD06).
  • Vomir – thing in brown cover with dead bodies on cover. Edition of 77 copies from ROKOT (RKT-06).
  • Vomir Indecente. In a rather naughty cover featuring photographs of a Japanese doll. 30 copies issued as ZUKOVINA 0054 in Sarajevo.
  • Vomir – untitled C77 cassette in a thick padded vinyl box, issued as SATANSDIN SD08. 23 copies, of which mine is #1. Already sold out.
  • Vomir / Concrete Threat – split C40 cassette. 100 copies in all-black packaging from At War With With False Noise (ATWAR045).
  • VomirSubsequent Wall. A cassette issued by the tiny American label Central Dynamo Room in 2008, limited edition. Notable because it lasts only one minute per side.
  • Various – Noise Propaganda Volume 2. A compilation from Corrosive Art Records (CA-18) for which Vomir contributes a two-minute untitled track. Also on the comp are such repellent projects as Mania, Morbid Behaviour, Mixturizer, Liver Mortis, Chav Stabber and – my personal favourite – The Vomit Arsonist. The other contributors have names which are too inflammatory to repeat here.
  • Lastly there is something about the size of a slim DVD case sealed in a black plastic bag, which I haven’t yet unsealed…
  • …and a VOMIR patch (‘for your old denim jacket…!!’).

Further information from Discogs.