Vinyl Viscoddettes

The Sound Projector Radio Show 19 February 2010

  1. Sudden Infant, ‘Industrial Music Makes Me Sick / Jawohl!’
    From My Life’s A Gunshot: Retrospective 1989-2009 Vol. 1, HRÖNIR hr8909 2 x LP (2010)
  2. Raudive Bunker Experiment, ‘Song For Robert’ (1982)
    From Raudive Bunker Experiment, YOUDONTHAVETOCALLITMUSIC YOUDO 04 2 x LP (2010)
  3. Thulebasen, ‘Brintbombe’
    From Æsjo, ESCHO ESC10 LP (2009)
  4. Mark Glynne / Bart Zwier, ‘Dotted World’
    From Home Comfort, DIVORCED RECORDINGS DIV 1 LP (1980)
  5. Von Bingen, ‘The Futility of All Effort, the Vanity of All Plans’
    From Von Bingen, AMEN ABSEN 002 LP (2009)
  6. *Retro*Sex*Galaxy*, ‘How does a Microscope Magnify’
    From Zajmujaca Fizyka, GAGARIN RECORDS GR 2008 LP (2003)
  7. Mit Nye Band, ‘Mit Nye Band’
    From Mit Nye Band 2004-2009 Vol. 1, ESCHO ESC14 LP (2009)
  8. Terry Fox, (Side B)
    From The Labyrinth: Scored for 11 Different Cats, CHOOSE RECORDS 11CATS CHOOSE LP (2009)
  9. Mark Glynne / Bart Zwier, ‘Tonight’
    From Home Comfort, op cit.
  10. The D., (Side A)
    From D.A.F., THE D INSIDE D 003 LP (2010)
  11. Matt Rösner, ‘Repeat’
    From Repeat, MIATERA MUSIC 2009-002 LP (2009)
  12. Sudden Infant, ‘Riot’
    From My Life’s A Gunshot, op cit.
  13. Edward Ka-Spel, ‘Christmas on the Moon’ (extract)
    From Trapped In Amber, PLINKITY PLONK PLINK 25 LP (2009)
  14. Raudive Bunker Experiment, ‘Faith’ (1982)
    From Raudive Bunker Experiment, op cit.
  15. *Retro*Sex*Galaxy*, ‘Voice instead of tape measure’
    From Zajmujaca Fizyka, op cit.

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