Where is Milt?

The Sound Projector Radio Show 19 March 2010

  1. Cut Iowa Network, ‘Altitude Battle Scar (Arc Light Operations)’
    From Projector Gunship Held {0, {0}}, UK CHAMPION VERSION CV201006.01 CD (2010)
  2. Chandeliers, ‘Pharaoh’s Fury’
    From Dirty Moves, UK PICKLED EGG RECORDS EGG 77 CD (2010)
  3. MONE¥i$GOD, ‘Waltz’
    From M.A.R.K.Z., ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE HCB-027 CD (2010)
  4. Tommy Babin’s Benzene, ‘The Sky Beneath My Feet’
    From Your Body Is Your Prison, CANADA DRIP AUDIO DA00584 CD (2010)
  5. Kenyon Hopkins, ‘Taxi Ride’
    From The Sound Of New York, UK RIGHTEOUS PSALM 23:25 CD (2010)
  6. Phil Moore, ‘125th Street Prophet’
    From Fantasy for Girl and Orchestra, UK RIGHTEOUS PSALM 23:29 CD (2010)
  7. Kenyon Hopkins, ‘Escape’
    From Rooms, UK RIGHTEOUS PSALM 23:25 CD (2010)
  8. Metamusik, ‘Con 7.3’
    From Con7, EINNICKEN ERA 0918 CD (2009)
  9. Ian Holloway, ‘Monday’s Time’
    From Handle this wino like he was an angel, UK QUIET WORLD 13 CD (2010)
  10. Augmn, (Track 2)
    From Accretion, AUSTRALIA NO NUMBER CDR (2010)
  11. Inhabitants, ‘Far Away in Old Words’
    From A Vacant Lot, CANADA DRIP AUDIO DA00579 CD (2010)
  12. Rafael Toral, ‘II.III’
    From Space Elements Vol II, GERMANY STAUBGOLD DIGITAL 5 CD (2010)
  13. Evil Moisture, ‘Untitled’
    From Split, GERMANY LE PETIT MIGNON LPM02 7″ SINGLE (2010)
  14. Battus / Abdelnour, ‘Voies & Allures’
    From Ichnites, FRANCE POTLATCH P110 CD (2010)
  15. uns, ‘Check it’ (fade)
    From What does the brain have to do with it, USA C.I.P. cipcd24 (2010)
  16. ROVA and Nels Cline Singers, ‘Whose To Know (for Albert Ayler)’
    From The Celestial Septet, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80708-2 CD (2010)

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  1. Hey Ed.
    thanks for the kind words and the airplay. it’s much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the show.

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