A Very 70s Show

The Sound Projector Radio Show 30 April 2010

  1. The Allman Brothers Band, ‘Wasted Words’
    From Brothers and Sisters, CAPRICORN RECORDS 47507 LP (1973)
  2. Steppenwolf, ‘Power Play’
    From Live Steppenwolf, USA DUNHILL DSD-50075 2 x LP (1970)
  3. Spirit, ‘Atomic Boogie’ (1976)
    From Farther Along, UK BEAT GOES ON BGOCD644 CD
  4. ZZ Top, ‘I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide’
    From Degüello, WARNER BROS RECORDS WB K 56701 LP (1979)
  5. Thin Lizzy, ‘Rocky’ (1977)
    From Johnny The Fox, MERCURY 532 295-2 CD (1996)
  6. Captain Beyond, ‘Drifting In Space’
    From Sufficiently Breathless, original issue CAPRICORN RECORDS CP 0115 (1973)
  7. Lowell George, ‘Two Trains’
    From Thanks I’ll Eat It Here, WARNERS K56487 LP (1979)
  8. Budgie, ‘In the grip of a tyre fitter’s hand’
    From Never Turn Your Back on a Friend, MCA RECORDS MDKS 8010 LP (1973)
  9. Mountain, ‘Long Red’ (1969)
    From Over The Top, COLUMBIA / LEGACY 483898 2 2 x CD (1995)
  10. Alice Cooper, ‘Generation Landslide’ (1973)
    From Billion Dollar Babies, WARNER ARCHIVES / RHINO 8122-79791-2 2 x CD (2001)
  11. Nils Lofgren, ‘Keith Don’t Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin)’
    From Nils Lofgren, UK A&M AMLS 64509 LP (1976)
  12. Aorta, ‘Heart Attack’
    From Aorta, original issue COLUMBIA CS 9785 (1969)
  13. Steely Dan, ‘Daddy Don’t Live in that New York City No More’ (1975)
    From Katy Lied, EUROPE MCA RECORDS 111 916-2 CD (1999)
  14. Crazy Horse, ‘Too Late Now’
    From Crazy Moon, USA RCA AFL1-3054 LP (1978)
  15. John Entwistle, ‘What Are We Doing Here?’
    From Smash Your Head Against the Wall, original issue UK DECCA DL 79183 (1971)
  16. Jackson Browne, ‘Late for the Sky’
    From Late for the Sky, ASYLUM RECORDS AS 43007 LP (1974)
  17. Chilli Willi and The Red Hot Peppers, ‘Paper Mill’
    From Kings Of The Robot Rhythm, UK REVELATION REV 002 LP (1972)
  18. Mike Heron (with Tommy and The Bijoux), ‘Warm Heart Pastry’
    From Smiling Men With Bad Reputations, ELEKTRA EKS-74093 LP (1971)
  19. Sir Lord Baltimore, ‘Helium Head (I Got a Love)’
    From Kingdom Come, original issue MERCURY SR 61328 LP (1970)
  20. Grannie, ‘Leaving’
    From Grannie, UK LEGACY L100 LP (1993)

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