From TSP 19 (2nd tranche)

The Sound Projector Radio Show 11th February 2011

  1. Blue Sausage Infant, ‘Radiant Arc’
    From Flight of the Solstice Queen, USA ZEROMOON ZERO 010 CD (2010)
  2. The Family Elan, ‘The Black Planets Of Her Eyes’
    From Bow Low Bright Glow, UK ALTVINYL AV018CD (2010)
  3. People Like Us & Wobbly, ‘Pick Up’
    From Music For The Fire, USA ILLEGAL ART IA121 CD (2010)
  4. Ava Mendoza, ‘Penumbra: The Age Of Almost Living’
    From Shadow Stories, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT037 CD (2010)
  5. Gen Ken Montgomery, ‘Shoot Me Down’
    From Birds + Machines, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21055-2 CD (2010)
  6. Lasse Marhaug and Maja S.K. Ratkje, ‘Complaints Won’t Help’
    From Music For Gardening, NORWAY PICA DISK PICA009 CD (2009)
  7. Wooden Veil, ‘Church Scream’
    From Wooden Veil, GERMANY DEKORDER 035 CD (2009)
  8. Noah Creshevsky, ‘Omaggio’
    From The Twilight of the Gods, USA TZADIK TZ 8069 CD (2010)
  9. Clemens Hausch, ‘Cell Pilot’
    From Kabelbrand: Sounds From The Max Brand Synthesizer, AUSTRIA MOOZAK MZ#002 CD (2009)
  10. Baktruppen, ‘Gitar Underlag’
    From Baktruppen 1986-2008, NORWAY +3DB RECORDS 004 CD (2010)
  11. John Butcher / Rhodri Davies, ‘Distant Leazes’
    From Carliol, JAPAN FTARRI-220 CD (2010)
  12. Greg Headley, ‘Eye of Silence’
    From Fragments of the Dream Machine, USA 28ANGLES CDR
  13. Pascal Battus / Christine Sehnaoul Abdelnour, ‘Reliefs De Repas’
    From Ichnites, FRANCE POTLATCH P110 CD (2010)
  14. Noetinger / Doneda / eRikm, ‘Il Fait Nuit Dans La Tête’
    From Dos D’D’Ânes, FRANCE RONDA rnd12 CD (2009)
  15. Dolphins into the Future, ‘Observations Through The Halocline Of The Worlds Part 1’
    From The Music Of Belief, SWEDEN RELEASE THE BATS RTB#49 CD (2010)