Japanese progressive rock

The Sound Projector Radio Show 18th February 2011

  1. Food Brain, ‘Clock’
    From Social Gathering, original issue Japan Polydor MP2100 (1971)
  2. Hiro Yanagida, ‘Running Shirts’ Long’
    From Milk Time, original issue Liberty LPC-8037 (1970)
  3. Strawberry Path, ‘Woman Called Yellow Z’
    From When The Raven Has Come to the Earth, original issue Nippon Phonograph (1971)
  4. Magical Power Mako, ‘Majorica Resistance Song’
    From Super Record, UK RADIOACTIVE RECORDS RRCD141 CD (2005)
    Original issue Polydor K.K. MR 5055 (1975)
  5. Flied Egg, ‘Plastic Fantasy’
    From Dr. Siegel’s Fried Egg Shooting Machine, original issue Japan Vertigo FX-8603 (1972)
  6. People, ‘Shomyo Part 2’
    From Ceremony ~ Buddha Meet Rock, JAPAN P-VINE RECORDS PCD-1414 CD (2000)
    Original issue Teichiku SL-1368 (1971)
  7. Flower Travellin’ Band, ‘Satori Part 2’
    Original issue Japan Warners P-8056A (1971)
  8. Yonin Bayashi, ‘Ishoku-Sokuhatsu’
    From Ishoku-Sokuhatsu, original issue Tam AX-8801 (1974)
  9. Karuna Khyal, ‘Untitled’ (extract from side B)
    From Alomoni 1985, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 08 CD (1998)
    Original issue Voice Records VO-1002 (1974)
  10. Flied Egg, ‘521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony’
    From Good Bye, original issue Japan Vertigo FX-8606 (1972)
  11. Magical Power Mako, ‘Look Up The Sky’ (1973)
    From Magical Power, JAPAN POLYDOR K.K. POCH-1486 CD (1995)