English Jazz-Rock of the 70s

The Sound Projector Radio Show 1st April 2011

  1. National Health, ‘The Bryden 2-Step (For Amphibians) Part 1’
    From Of Queues And Cures, UK CHARLY RECORDS CRL 5010 LP (1978)
  2. Hopper / Dean / Gowen / Sheen, ‘Seven For Lee’
    From Rogue Element, UK OGUN OG 527 LP (1978)
  3. Hatfield and The North, ‘Strand on the Green’
    From Hatwise Choice, UK HATCO-CD73-7501 (2005)
  4. Robert Wyatt, ‘Team Spirit’
    From Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard, UK VIRGIN RECORDS VGD 3505 2 x LP (1983)
    Recorded in 1975.
  5. Hatfield and The North, ‘Son Of There’s No Place Like Homerton’
    From Hatfield and The North, VIRGIN VJD-5020 CD (1989)
    Recorded in 1973.
  6. Phil Miller, ‘Hard Shoulder’
    From Cutting Both Ways, UK IMPETUS RECORDS IMP18615 LP (1987)
  7. Hatfield and The North, ‘Stay Jung And Beautiful’
    From Hatwise Choice, op cit.
  8. National Health, ‘TNTFX’
    From D.S. al Coda, USA EUROPA RECORDS JP2008 LP (1982)
  9. Soft Heap, ‘Terra Nova’
    From Soft Heap, UK CHARLY RECORDS CRL 5014 LP (1979)
  10. Matching Mole, ‘Dedicated To Hugh, But You Weren’t Listening’
    From Matching Mole, UK CBS 32105 LP (1972)
  11. Hatfield and The North, ‘Thanks Mont!’
    From Hatwise Choice, op cit.
  12. Kevin Ayers, ‘There Is Loving / Among Us / There Is Loving’
    From whatevershebringswesing, UK EMI / HARVEST SHVL 800 LP (1972)
  13. Robert Wyatt, ‘Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road’
    From Rock Bottom, UK VIRGIN RECORDS VGD 3505 2 x LP (1983)
    Recorded in 1974.
  14. Soft Machine, ‘Esther’s Nose Job’
    From Backwards, USA CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 170 CD (2002)
    Recorded in 1970.