American Art Music

The Sound Projector Radio Show 8th April 2011

  1. Dickie Landry, ‘Fifteen Saxophones’
    From Fifteen Saxophones, USA UNSEEN WORLDS UW06 CD (2011)
    Recorded in 1974.
  2. Alvin Curran, ‘Canti Illuminati II’
    From Solo Works: The 70s, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80713-2 3 x CD (2010)
    Recorded in 1982.
  3. Zeitkratzer, ‘Four 6
    From Old School: John Cage, GERMANY ZEITKRATZER RECORDS ZKR 0009 CD (2010)
  4. Tom Hamilton, ‘Crimson Sterling Movement 3’
    From Pieces for Kohn / Formal and Informal Music, USA KVIST 006 2 x CD (2010)
  5. Zeitkratzer, ‘ Fideliotrio’
    From Old School: Alvin Lucier, GERMANY ZEITKRATZER RECORDS ZKR 0011 CD (2010)
  6. Charles Dodge, extract from ‘Cascando’
    From A Retrospective (1977-2009), USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80701-2 CD (2010)
    Recorded in 1977.
  7. Ingram Marshall, ‘September Canons’
    From September Canons, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80704 CD (2009)

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