Electrical Shake

The Sound Projector Radio Show 15th April 2011

  1. Tracker, (Track 07)
    From How I Became An Alien, GERMANY SULATRON ST ST1004 CD (2011)
  2. Other Vultures, ‘Going Cut’
    From The Guilt Groupe EP, USA COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS CFYR004 CDR (2011)
  3. Vibravoid, ‘You Keep On Falling’
    From Minddrugs, GERMANY SULATRON ST 1101 CD (2011)
  4. dsic, (Track 03)
    From Roman Birdhouse, UK LF RECORDS LF016 3″ CDR (2011)
  5. Rhys Chatham, ‘Corn Maiden’s Rite’
    From Outdoor Spell, USA NORTHERN-SPY RECORDS NSCD004 CD (2011)
  6. Gnar Hest, extract from Tracts On How Severe I Welcome Nonexistence As Harsh As Is, UK LF RECORD LF 017 3″ CDR (2011)
  7. Aeroplane Trio, ‘Crow’s Nest’
    From Naranja Ha, CANADA DRIP AUDIO DA00647 CD + DVD (2010)
  8. Martin Archer & Julie Tippetts, ‘Should I Go Home?’
    From Tales of Finin, UK DISCUS 39CD (2011)
  9. Bionulor, ‘NL.’
    From Sacred Mushrom Chant, POLAND WROTCZ RECORDS WRT011 CD (2010)
  10. Cath & Phil Tyler, ‘1000 Years’
    From Dumb Supper, UK MIE MUSIC MIE006 LP (2011)
  11. Mathilde 253, ‘Jixi’
    From Mathilde 253, UK SLAM PRODUCTIONS SLAMCD 528 CD (2010)
  12. The Static Tics:
    From My Favorite Tics, NETHERLANDS Z6 RECORDS Z6333666 CD (2010)
  13. Corey Larkin, ‘Dissipative Music’
    From Raw Data Studies, USA COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS CDR (2011)
  14. Kamil Kowalczyk, ‘Model II’

13 + 14 overlaid at end.