Nasty Destructive Noise

The Sound Projector Radio Show 1st July 2011

  1. Doodshoofd, ‘Omortuinlijk’ (fade)
    From Politiestaat, SELF-RELEASED CDR (2011)
  2. Vomir, ‘Paulina Semilionova Irait À L’Équarrissage’ (fade)
    From Application À Aphistemi, FRANCE MAISON BRUIT CD (2011)
  3. Doodshoofd, ‘0605’ (fade)
    From Politiestaat, op cit.
  4. MZ.412, ‘Unhealing Wounds’
    From Infernal Affairs, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR146CD (2011)
  5. Cock E.S.P., ‘ESP-Dick’
    From Historia De La Musica Cock, USA BREATHMINT / LITTLE MAFIA / SUNSHIP RECORDS / E.F. TAPES CD (2011)
  6. The New Blockaders / aNoMaLi, ‘Falten Part 2’
    From Kali-Yuga Karma, UK HYPNAGOGIA GIA05 CD (2011)
  7. Doodshoofd, ‘Ambacht En Ongeluk’ (fade)
    From Geenheidsworst, GERMANY SELF-RELEASED CDR (2011)
  8. Vomir, ‘L’Apparence Du Vrai Est Un Moment Du Faux’ (fade)
    From Application À Aphistemi, op cit.
  9. Cock E.S.P., ‘Tol Cormpt Noise Noise Noise’
    From Historia De La Musica Cock, op cit.
  10. Cock E.S.P., ‘Dude, Where’s My Contact Mic?’
    From Historia De La Musica Cock, op cit.
  11. Torturing Nurse, excerpt from Il Comunismo Doveva Morire, USA MIIND FLARE MEDIA MFM003 CD (2010)