Vinyl Vastitude

The Sound Projector Radio Show
9th September 2011

  1. Temporal Marauder, ‘Temporal Shift Reaction’
    From Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel, AUSTRIA SPECTRUM SPOOLS SP 006 LP (2011)
  2. Socrates That Practiçes Music, ‘Tommy Dawsey’
    From Further Conclusions Against An Italian Version (Bat), UK JUNIOR ASPIRIN RECORDS ASP 021 LP (2011)
  3. Melt Famas, ‘Heart Of Glass’
    From Serial Weather, GERMANY / SWITZERLAND MUSIKZIMMER MZ001 10″ (2011)
  4. Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler, (Side A extract)
    From Live Double Séance [Antaa Kalojen Uida], AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO eMEGO 121 LP (2011)
  5. JG Thirlwell, ‘Ecclesiophobia’
    From Santarcangelo, SPÈCULA 001 7″ SINGLE (2011)
  6. Fennesz, ‘Shift’
    From Seven Stars, UK TOUCH TONE 44V 10″ (2011)
  7. The Automatics Group, ‘Side A’
    From Auto 17, UK OR #AUTO 17 LP (2011)
  8. Taming Power, ‘July 07 / 3-8-08’
    From Twenty-One Pieces, NORWAY EARLY MORNING RECORDS EMR 018 2 x LP (2009)
  9. Teho Teardo, ‘Oh Hook’
    From Santarcangelo, op cit.
  10. Melt Famas, ‘Ice Age Fire Cage’
    From Serial Weather, op cit.
  11. Hobo Sonn, (Side A)
    From Wary The Mind, CANADA AMEN ABSEN 003 LP (2011)

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