Progressive Rock V

The Sound Projector Radio Show
16th September 2011

  1. The Dog That Bit People, ‘The Monkey And The Sailor’
    From The Dog That Bit People, original issue UK PARLOPHONE PCS 7125 (1971)
  2. Fields, ‘A Friend Of Mine’
    From Fields, original issue UK CBS S 69009 (1971)
  3. Thundermother, ‘The People Show’
    From Gagalactyca, UK HOLYGROUND HG 1135 LP (1990)
    Recorded in 1971.
  4. Paladin, ‘Fill Up Your Head’
    From Paladin, original issue UK BRONZE RECORDS ILPS 9150 LP (1971)
  5. Alquin, ‘Convicts Of The Air’
    From The Mountain Queen, original issue UK POLYDOR 2480-179 LP (1973)
  6. Arzachel, ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights’
    From Arzachel, ITALY AKARMA AK 184 CD (2002)
    Recorded in 1969.
  7. Raw Material, ‘Pear On An Apple Tree’
    From Raw Material, UK BACKGROUND HBG 123/2 CD (1993)
    Recorded in 1970.
  8. Genesis, ‘The Return Of The Giant Hogweed’
    From Genesis Live, UK CHARISMA CLASS-1 LP (1973)
  9. Bodkin, ‘Three Days After Death Pt.2’
    From Bodkin, ITALY AKARMA AK 125 LP (2000)
    Recorded in 1972.
  10. Tritonus, ‘Gliding’
    From Tritonus, original issue GERMANY BASF 17 22384-1 LP (1978)
  11. Tonton Macoute, ‘Just Like Stone’
    From Tonton Macoute, original issue UK RCA NEON NE 4 LP (1971)
  12. Agincourt, ‘Joy In The Finding’
    From Fly Away, UK BACKGROUND HBG 123/6 CD (1994)
    Recorded in 1970.
  13. Gilgamesh, ‘Notwithstanding’
    From Gilgamesh, original issue UK CAROLINE CA 2007 LP (1975)
  14. Egg, ‘Symphony No 2, Movement 1’
    From Egg, UK ECLECTIC DISCS ECLCD1014 CD (2004)
    Recorded in 1970.
  15. Arcadium, ‘It Takes A Woman’
    From Breathe Awhile, ITALY AKARMA AK 239 CD (2003)
    Recorded in 1969.
  16. Caravan, ‘Memory Lane, Hugh / Headloss’
    From For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night, original issue UK DERAM SDL R 12 LP (1973)