Timegate 2005

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 7th October 2011

  1. Icebreaker, ‘Yo Shakespeare’
    From Terminal Velocity, USA CANTALOUPE CA21031 CD (2005)
  2. The Caution Curves, extract from ‘Leslie’
    From The Caution Curves, USA INITIATED EYE IE001 CD (2005)
  3. Still, ‘Once Confronted’
    From Remains, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG004 CD (2005)
  4. The Lickets, ‘Magnificent New Terminal Building’
    From Fake Universe Man, USA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION CDR (2005)
  5. Dolores Dewberry, ‘Fuck Like You Mean It’
    From Dolores Dewberry / Origami Genitalia, USA APOP RECORDS APOP001 CD (2005)
  6. Mike Cooper, ‘A Remote Forgotten Chord’
    From Metal Box, ITALY ROSSBIN RS010 CD (2005)
  7. Manpack Variant, ‘Nice Face’
    From Sticky Wickets, USA DIGITALIS DIGI047 CD (2005)
  8. Tom Recchion, ‘Jazz 10,0000 A.D.’
    From Sweetly Doing Nothing, USA SCHOOLMAP SCHOOL1 CD (2005)
  9. Mikroknytes, ‘Alvino Linter’
    From Sess-Supastreng, USA KAVEKAVITY 001 CD (2005)
  10. Lise-Lotte Norelius, ‘RP-BOB’
    From In Sea, SWEDEN FIREWORK EDITION FER 1057 CD (2005)
  11. Hans Otte, extract from ‘Minimum-Maximum’ (1973)
    From Orient-Occident Minimum-Maximum, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21037-2 CD (2005)
  12. Martin Bladh, ‘Cord 1’
    From Umbilical Cords, SWEDEN SEGERHUVA SEGER 10 CD (2005)
  13. Fred Lonberg-Holm, ‘Exit: 6:50’
    From Bridges Freeze Before Roads, USA LONGBOX RECORDINGS LBT036 CD (2006)
  14. Werner Durand and Alio Die, extract from ‘Luftspiegelungen’
    From Aqua Planing, HIC SUNT LEONES HSL 029 CD (2005)
  15. Brekekekexkoaxkoax, extract from ‘Tuesday On Sunday’
    From We Used To Be Such Good Friends, USA HUSHROOM RECORDINGS HUSHROOM4 CD (2005)