Implement Selectively

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 14th October 2011

  1. Mind Alien, (Track 7)
    From Mind Alien, SEATTLE DEBACLE RECORDS DBL068 CD (2011)
  2. Egg Chef, ‘Opinions are meaningless in the void’
    From USA APOP RECORDS APOP102 7″ SINGLE (2011)
  3. Breakway, ‘Discarded Landing Gear’
    From Hot Choice, USA PEIRA 07 CDR (2011)
  4. Knez Rosén, ‘July Rain’ (fade)
    From Ten Handmade Pieces, SWEDEN SUGARBEAT IT SBI5 CD (2011)
  5. FluiD, ‘AIC’
    From Duality, UK ALREALON MUSIC ALRN008 CD (2011)
  6. Joe Panzner, ‘Hindsight is 50/50’ (fade)
    From Clearing Polluted, USA COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS CFYR006 CD (2011)
  7. RFCL, ‘We Were Alive Then’
    From Joyful Music Vol 1: Tamoanchan, USA BLACK NOTE MUSIC BNM059 CD (2011)
  8. Poing / Maja S.K Ratkje, ‘Die Seeräuberjenny’
    From Wach Auf!, NORWAY ORA FONOGRAM OF019 CD (2011)
  9. Bernhard Schutz & Reinhold Friedl, ‘Ich Will Meine Seele Tauchen’
    From Robert Schuman Dichterliebe, POLAND BOLT RECORDS / POPULISTA POP01 CD (2011)
  10. Frédéric Blondy & DJ Lenar, ‘The Frame. At Each Blur’
    From Mauricio Kagel Ludwig Van, POLAND BOLT RECORDS / POPULISTA POP02 CD (2011)
  11. Lonberg-Holm / Zarzutzki Duo, ‘The Conversion of Certain Spikelet Meristems’
    From Feminization of the Tassel, USA PEIRA 08 CDR (2011)
  12. Nishi Szum, ‘The Woods, Part 1’
    From Songs from the Woods, POLAND AUDIO TONG ATCD16 (2011)
  13. Chris Brown (with William Winant), ‘Stupa’
    From Iconcities, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80723-2 CD (2011)